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Welcome to the Chadron State College application process!

A high school graduate or GED recipient attending college for the first time after high school graduation.
A current junior or senior high school student wishing to take college classes before high school graduation.
A student who is a high school graduate or GED recipient and has previously attempted 12 or more college/university credits AFTER graduating from high school or receiving a GED
A student seeking a second Bachelor’s degree. As you are applying for a Post Baccalaureate Degree your application will be reviewed for degree seeking status.
A returning CSC student who has taken coursework at CSC at one time and is now returning to resume education at CSC at the undergraduate level.
A student who has no immediate intent of pursuing a degree. If you wish to take the Human Relations course, please apply as an undergraduate student within this application.
An undergraduate student who, upon arrival in the U.S., will carry a F1 Visa.
A student who has already completed and been awarded a Bachelor’s Degree and is seeking a Master’s Degree.
A student who, has already completed and been awarded a four-year Bachelor's Degree. A student may either study online from their home country, or, if coming to study on-campus in Chadron, Nebraska, have an F1 Visa upon arrival in the U.S.
A student who already possesses a Master of Education degree, or the CSC equivalent of an M.Ed. Adding an endorsement to a current degree, or getting re-certified, makes the student classified as non-degree seeking. Students of this status are not eligible for federal financial aid.

How to Apply

  1. Choose the appropriate type of application from the menu above.
  2. Create an NUID and password:
    • NUID = 8 digit student ID number (assigned to each student during the duration of their education)
    • Password = selected by the student, created by following directions on the application site.

**Make sure to REMEMBER this information and keep it safe.**

Are you re-applying to CSC? Please use your original NUID number.

If you have any questions or need assistance during any part of the application process, please contact our Admissions Team at 1-800-242-3766 or