Chadron State College
Chadron State College

Admissions Ambassador Sean Munger

Name: Sean Munger

Major: Math & Science Education with a Coaching Endorsement

Hometown: Imperial, Neb.

High school: Chase County High School

What attracted you to your major? Teaching has always been something I thought I could be good at and would enjoy. Coming here has only strengthened my thoughts on this and my education classes are some of the ones I enjoy the most.

What are you involved in on campus? Apart from being an Admissions Ambassador, I am also on the Track and Field team as well as being a Resident Advisor. Between the three I keep pretty busy and get to meet lots of great people.

Where can we find you Tuesdays at 7 p.m.? Tuesdays at 7 you can find me in my room trying to cram in some last minute homework before Tosh comes on at 8, can’t miss an episode!

What is your favorite class? My favorite classes so far have been the education classes and Don King has to be one of my favorite teachers, he has a spunky personality that keeps things interesting.

Why did you choose CSC and why do you stay? Honestly coming to CSC was kind of a fluke for me, but after being here I couldn’t imagine leaving. Everybody goes to college for different reasons but it’s the people that keep you coming back and CSC has great people.