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Applied Sciences Department

Casper College students and advisors please check the current Chadron State College catalog for further information about all requirements of and electives in degree programs. Some courses needed for certain programs may transfer but be found in a more appropriate section on this guide. Questions about the courses in this department may be directed to the Dean, Dr Joel Hyer.

The teacher education program has special requirements for enrollment and graduation.

Applied Sciences
CSC Course # CSC Course Title Credit Hours Casper College Course # Casper College Course Title Credit Hours
AGRI 132 Introduction to Animal Science    4 ANSC 1010 Livestock Production I     4
AGRI 141 Introduction to Plant Science    3 CROP 2000 or CROP 2200 Plants, Agriculture & Civilization or Forage Crop Science 4 hrs or 4 hrs
AGRI 234 & AGRI 234L Prin. of Animal Nutrition and Lab 2 hrs and 1 hr ANSC 2020 Feeds and Feeding     4
AGRI 331 Farm and Ranch Mgmt    3 AGEC 2020 Farm-Ranch Business Management     4
AGRI 333 & AGRI 333L Ruminant Production and Lab 3 hrs and 1 hr ANSC 2110 Beef Production     3
AGRI 336 Non-Ruminant Production    3 ANSC 2120 Sheep Production     3
FCS 236 Food & Meals Across the Lifespan    3 MGT 2330 Food and Beverage Ser.     3
Reviewed May 2014, August 2014