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Physical and Life Sciences Department

Metropolitan Community College students and advisors please check the current Chadron State College catalog for further information about all requirements of and electives in degree programs. Some courses needed for certain programs may transfer but be found in a more appropriate section of this guide. Questions about the courses in this department may be directed to the Dean, Dr. Joel Hyer.

Physical and Life Sciences department, faculty and programs

The teacher education program has special requirements for enrollment and graduation.

Physical and Life Sciences
CSC Course # CSC Course Title Credit Hours MCC Course # MCC Course Title Credit Hours
BIOL 121 and BIOL 121L Human Biology and Lab (Not for Biology or Health Science majors and minors)   2 & 1 BIOS 1310 & BIOS  1310L Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology and Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab     5
BIOL 136 and BIOL 136L Biological Science and Lab   2 & 1 BIOS 1010 & BIOS 1010L Introduction to Biology and Introduction to Biology Lab     6
BIOL 138 and BIOL 138L General Botany and Lab   2 & 1 BIOS 1400 & BIOS 1400L Introduction to Botany and Introduction to Botany Lab    4.5
BIOL 332 Genetics     3 BIOS 2050 Genetics    4.5
CHEM 131 and CHEM 131L College Chemistry I and Lab  3 & 1 CHEM 1010 & CHEM 1010L College Chemistry and College Chemistry lab     6
CHEM 231 and CHEM 231L Survey of Organic Chemistry and Lab  3 & 1 CHEM 2310 & CHEM 2310L Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry and Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Lab     6
PHYS 135 Physical Science    3 SCIE 1010 Introduction to Physical Science     6
Reviewed: October 2012, June 2014