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Class Registration

Catalog Selection

Transfer students enrolling at Chadron State College will be assigned the catalog in effect for their peer classification at Chadron State College. All students may choose to follow a catalog published subsequent to their enrollment. Please see the catalog page.

Academic Advisors

All students seeking degrees from Chadron State College are assigned to advisors in their academic program area. Career and Academic Planning Services (CAPS) coordinates requests from students for advisors and assignments of advisors by the school Deans.

Class Selection

For optimal course selection, transfer students are encouraged to register early for the fall and spring semesters. Transfer students may register for a full academic year rather than semester by semester. This allows students to better plan their course selection.

Students who have filed an application for admission should complete the registration form.

Chadron State College reserves the right to withdraw courses with low enrollment. Furthermore, the college reserves the right to modify the published program.

CSC and Student Account Information Online

Students enrolled at Chadron State College have access to a wide variety of services using MyCSC. Students of Chadron State College will be issued personal identification numbers (PIN) and be notified by official letters.

Information available to students through MyCSC includes access to the Chadron State College course catalog, course schedules by semester, degree audit and billing and payment instructions. Students can check registration status and their billing account summary, update their e-mail and postal address, view their grades, view financial aid award information and contact CSC offices.

Summer, Fall and Spring Schedules

Please see the Records Office Web page for class schedules.

Transcript Evaluation

After a student has determined their intended degree and major, minor, or field or subject endorsement, they can request a transcript evaluation from the Registrar’s Office. Students are encouraged to request a transcript evaluation prior to class registration. All official transcripts must be on file at CSC before an evaluation can be completed. Questions about submitting transcript evaluation requests can be directed to the Record's Office.

The number of semester hours of transfer credit that would be accepted into a major or minor at CSC will depend upon the program of study. Credits not accepted into a major or minor may be counted as elective credits. Required coursework for majors, minors and endorsements is outlined in the current college catalog.

Responsibility for Planning a Course of Study

Responsibility for planning one’s course of study and the fulfillment of all requirements and regulations lies with the student. Faculty advisors are assigned to aid the student in understanding the requirements and in planning their academic program. The college catalog is the authoritative source of information on program and graduation requirements and regulations. Complete course prerequisites, limitations and information is included in the CSC catalog under course descriptions.