Business Study Abroad


From London Eye at Night

The London Study Abroad program begins in the spring semester with monthly meetings to prepare students for the journey. Once all preparations have been finalized, students will embark on a two-week journey in May to the United Kingdom. Here they will experience the culture and atmosphere of a large foreign city.

Students will have the opportunity to visit museums, parks, and other city attractions. Students will attend three to four business ventures pre-selected by the sponsors. As an added bonus, students my choose additional businesses of interest to visit. Possible businesses are listed under the "London, England" tab, although the sponsors are open for additional suggestions.

Students will be allowed to go on sponsor-arranged weekend trips to Edinburgh, Scotland or Paris, France. With trip approval by the sponsors, students may choose other places to visit on the weekend. An itinerary must be presented to the sponsors several weeks prior to departure from the states.

One really great aspect of studying abroad is that you receive college credit for general studies and graduate studies.  By participating in the London Study Abroad program, a student will be able to fulfill six credits required for the general studies Global and Social Awareness portion.  Graduate students will be able to fulfill six credits required for graduate study electives.  Not only do you complete six credits for school, but you also create great memories and make new friends.