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Women's Rugby

What is Rugby?

A team game played with an oval ball (larger than a football) that may be kicked, carried, and passed in a backward direction. Points are scored by grounding the ball behind the opponents’ goal line (thereby scoring a try) or by kicking it between the two posts and over the crossbar of the opponents’ goal. May be played with either sides of seven (Sevens) or fifteens (Union).March Madness 2011

What We Do?

We are an Athletic Club on campus focused on the education and appreciation of the time-honored game of Rugby. Our club promotes healthy activity, team work, and long lasting social relationships.


Rugby is a very diverse group of people that needs all competitive body types and skills. Our club creates an opportunity for the other 86% of students who are not participating in NCAA sports at CSC.

We are open to both students and the general public of the surrounding area. There is no experience needed! Our players range from former Cheerleaders to Football players and all that in between. Rugby is a very diverse group of people!


We provide a more flexible schedule when it comes to practice. We like to see participants come to at least half the practices provided. During season we have practice scheduled Monday through Friday at the Pitch, located West of the Softball Complex. Times may vary to fit the majority of participants.


Many of our games are still being scheduled and finalized. Our seasons are during both the Fall and Spring semesters, with Fall being the cup season. We will have a balance of home and traveling games. Our big event every year is the March Madness Rugby Tournament located in Wayne, NE. This is usually the last weekend of March and hosts around 90 teams coming from all over. This is a two day event and an experience of a life time! Mark your calendar now!!!!

HOBO Days 2009Affiliations

We are members of the USA Rugby Union and the Great Plains Rugby Union. We have also played teams of the Eastern Rockies Union in past seasons. The Union is a protection for players, coaches, referees, facility owners, and spectators. The Unions protect all members involved in playing the game of rugby. The Unions also provide help to teams in the means of scheduling, guidance, and more.