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CSC Identity Standards

Version: June 2016

Previous Updates: Jan. 2016, Sept. 2015, July 2015, Sept. 2014, Aug. 2014, July 2014, July 2013

This web page is regularly maintained. Updates to the Chadron State College Identity Standards Guide may be found at the College Relations website.

A Consistent Identity

The Identity Standards are intended to provide guidance for graphic designers and writers as they create documents and other materials for Chadron State College’s promotional and communication efforts. The institution’s goal in communicating with external audiences is to clearly deliver a message in an appealing manner while conveying a consistent identity.

The concept of identity standards has become a time-honored method of marketing and public relations. The most successful institutions, including Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, have strengthened their image by maintaining a set of guidelines that represent and foster a cohesive unit.

Members of the Chadron State community take pride in the institution’s image and are grateful to those who work to maintain a high standard of communications and marketing.

The Identity Standards covers proper use of colors, fonts, logos and subsidiary marks associated with Chadron State. Below are examples of each CSC Eagle logo variation available for use in a variety of media.

Correct and Incorrect Logo Use

Example of incorrect stretched logo Example of incorrect skewed logo Example of incorrect recolored logo
Do not stretch Do not skew Do not reassign colors
Example of incorrect illegible logo Example of incorrect rebuilt logo Example of logo with incorrect graphic effects
Do not sacrifice legibility Do not separate or recombine elements Do not apply graphic effects

When using the Chadron State College logos as identifying marks for the institution, it is important to keep the marks legible. Pictured are some examples of incorrect logo use. See the specimen section in this guide for examples of correct use of the Chadron State College logos. If you are unsure if your use of a CSC logo is correct, please contact College Relations.