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The Department of College Relations is responsible for Chadron State College’s media relations efforts, including the distribution of material for print, broadcast and Internet media. The department serves Chadron State's students, faculty and staff as a hub for distributing news about their achievements. In addition, it serves the media as a contact for obtaining information about Chadron State.

College Relations uses an extensive list of media contacts throughout the nation in order to deliver news to the most appropriate audiences. News and sports releases suited for a broad audience are posted to the CSC Web site shortly after they are produced.

Visit our news press release site

Visit our sports press release site

The Department of College Relations also provides photographs of Chadron State College's events and people for publication. In addition, video highlights or audio recordings are often available for use by the broadcast media.

Members of the media are encouraged to attend and cover the wide range of events at Chadron State College throughout the calendar year, including those of fine arts and athletics. Media planning to visit Chadron State, or seeking other assistance, are encouraged to contact the Marketing Coordinator or Sports Information Director in advance.

Media Relations Frequently Asked Questions

I recently received an award, and I am the leader of a group that has an event coming up. How do I get something in CSC’s news? Contact the College Relations Department’s Information Services. Walk-in personal visits are welcome.

What are your deadlines? Most print news deadlines are established well ahead of the publication date, so we appreciate being notified of news items at least two weeks in advance. The Chadron Record, for instance, asks that copy be submitted by Monday noon for Wednesday's edition.

Where can I read the stories that are produced by CSC information services? Stories written for a general audience, along with news photos and video, are posted to the CSC website. Many of the stories are posted to CSC’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. Chadron’s newspaper, the Chadron Record, and its two radio stations, KQSK and KCSR, also cover Chadron State.

Is there a regular publication for college news? Chadron State Up-to-Date is CSC’s email newsletter that is published weekly throughout the school year. In addition to being distributed to CSC employees, it is sent to the alumni, students and other subscribers including retired CSC employees and elected officials. With a circulation of about 8,000 people, it may be the community’s most widely-circulated news publication.

To whom does Information Services send its news? In addition to targeting media outlets that are determined to most likely to take interest in stories, Information Services maintains an extensive email list of media professionals who receive all stories of general interest. This list includes almost all weekly newspapers in Chadron State's service region, most daily newspapers in Nebraska, and broadcast media in Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota. We also provide content for numerous Chadron State College publications.

Do you send news about individual achievements to hometown newspapers? College Relations uses Merit Pages, a powerful tool for distributing individualized news releases to hometown newspapers and other media. The database-driven system also interacts with social media sites, allowing students, their parents and former high schools to easily share achievements online. Because media outlets almost always use news about people from their communities, this is a great way to spread the word about special projects and programs.

To learn more about Merit and its capabilities, please see our Merit Video:

We welcome story submissions about students' achievements. To keep us up-to-date on their accomplishments, please complete the:

Contribution Form

online Contribution Form

Can you come to my event to take photos and write a story? Information Services does its best to attend events which most merit coverage. Because of time limitations, events of interest to people outside the Chadron State College community may take priority to those for the internal CSC community only.

I’d like to go on the radio to publicize my event. Is this possible? A segment of AM 610 KCSR’s radio program Sound Off is devoted to subjects from Chadron State College each week. The show begins shortly after 8 a.m. each Friday. Please contact the Marketing Coordinator if you are interested in serving as a guest on the program to promote a CSC program and event.

I capitalized a word in the information I sent to you, and the person who distributed the story lowercased it. Why so? Except in some special circumstances, College Relations produces its stories in Associated Press Style, the most commonly used style among U.S. media outlets and the approved style for CSC publications. If you see changes in capitalization, punctuation or wording from the information that you submitted, it may be a result of conforming to media style.

Does Information Services cover sports? News and publicity related to CSC’s NCAA Division II sports program and rodeo team is handled by the Sports Information Office. Questions may be directed to Kaleb Center, sports information director.

My publicity portrait is out of date. How do I get a new one? College Relations will take your publicity portrait; make an appointment with Daniel Binkard. There is no sitting fee and prints are available.