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Printing Services

The CSC Print Shop provides printing services to the faculty, staff and students of Chadron State College. The Print Shop, located in the Burkhiser Technology Complex, offers printing, design and production, as well as finishing with a variety of processes. The Print Shop is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Completion of projects generally requires 10 days to two weeks depending on the size, number of colors, bindery processes and complexity of the project. The shop is geared toward specific specialties that include letterhead, business cards, carbonless forms, brochures, booklets and posters.

Because design is part of our job, just bring us your ideas. A rough idea will help us understand what you have in mind and help you focus on what might still be needed to make the piece complete. Always keep a timeline in mind and work backward from the date of need. For example, the conference is in four weeks. I want people to have the flyer two weeks before the conference. The Print Shop needs two weeks to print the flyer. Therefore, I need to do my part right away.

If you can design your own work for us to print please keep in mind that the Print Shop uses a PDF-based workflow.

Whether you submit a complete document or just an idea, a proof will be sent to you via email for any corrections and your approval. Please read the proof carefully before you sign it. You are taking responsibility for the content of the document. Please stop in and see us at any time during the design process.

Print Shop Services

For detailed information about printing services, please contact the Print Shop.

The Print Shop's folder can fold paper in half, letterfold, Z fold and double parallel (in half and half again). It can also fold at a right angle to a previous fold. It can score and length perforate (straight lines only).

Other bindery operations performed by the Print Shop are stapling, spiral binding, comb binding and drilling.

Stapling is either flat or saddle. Spiral uses plastic for the binding medium. Comb binding is a process using plastic rings with a solid back. The paper drill is for calendar holes.

Padding is also available for memo pads or scratch/message pads.