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Sack Lunch

Sack Lunch Program
If your job or school commitments conflict with meal hours and you're on a meal plan, you may elect to receive a sack lunch in place of the meal(s) you cannot attend.

Simply stop by the Dining Services office and arrange to have a sack lunch made for you. This can be a once or twice a semester event, or you can set up a standing order (i.e., lunch every Wednesday) for the entire semester. Sack Lunch orders are taken Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Meals to Go

New this year is our Meal-to-Go Program. Any faculty or staff member may participate. Here is how it works. Simply pay a $5 deposit on a reusable to-go box, at the dining hall. Purchase a meal, fill your box and disposable cup, and take your meal with you. Bring your box back to the dining hall the next time you wish to purchase a Meal-to-Go, and we will exchange it for a clean one for you to fill up. All lids must be closed before leaving the dining hall. (This is a one trip through the line program, not all you can eat.) Come try our new program!

I'm Ill

If you are ill and need to eat in your room, we will help you. Simply print the following form, follow the directions, and a friend can deliver a meal to you.