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Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program

This program is specifically designed for individuals seeking secondary teacher certification who hold a Bachelor's or Master's Degree from an accredited college/university. Individuals not holding a Bachelor or Master's Degree are NOT eligible for entry into this program. Students completing this program will graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, and thus be eligible for teacher licensure/certification in all states.

Post Baccalaureate students seeking Elementary or Early Childhood certification must follow the standard Chadron State College plan for these programs.

A minimum of 2 letters of recommendation are required for acceptance into the Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program. Recommendations may come from, but are not limited to former instructors, employers, supervisors, or clergy.

Successful completion of the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) is a State requirement of entry to this program. This basic skills test assesses one's proficiency in the areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The PPST must be completed successfully and on file in the Education Department Office prior to the Student Teaching Internship semester. The PRAXIS II test is a Chadron State College requirement for graduation as well. It is an exam of specific content knowledge. A list of PRAXIS II exams specific to each content area is available at the Certification Office as well as the Education Department Office. Completion of the PRAXIS II is required prior to application for graduation.

In addition, Chadron State College requires that all individuals participating in teacher education programs complete an annual background check. Background check information is available at the Education Department Office. It is important to note that not all crimes will prevent one from obtaining a teaching certificate.

Completion of composition I, Composition II and an Oral Communications courses are required with a minimum grade of “C” If you do not meet this requirement at the time of your application, any or all of these courses will be added to your program plan.

Courses for this program are made available at times, in distant locations, and in alternative learning formats to accommodate individual student scheduling needs. Course-required prerequisites may be waived if applicable. The following list of Education courses are required by the State of Nebraska; some of which may be transferred in from other institutions, except for those identified below as residency requirements.

Students may accelerate through this program as rapidly or as leisurely as they choose; however, one class per calendar year must be taken to keep the academic plan current and valid. A new plan may be established if longer than a year has lapsed with no courses completed.

Education courses must be completed prior to Student Teaching Internship. All education courses grades must be at least a “C” grade or must be retaken. The required education courses are listed below.

Required Education Courses

EDUC 131: Intro to Teaching - 3 cr. hours (on campus, on-line or transfer)
PSYC 231: Educational Psychology - 3 cr. hours (on campus, on-line, or transfer)
SPED 230: Exceptional Learner – 3 cr. hours (on campus, on-line, or transfer)
EDUC 224: Multi-Media Support - 2 cr. hours (on campus, on-line or transfer)
SPED 334: Differentiated Instruction for Diverse Classrooms (2 cr. offered online)
EDUC 300: Secondary O&P - 1-3 cr. hours (on-line –Contact Ms. Van Vleet 308-432-6383 for enrollment. Please identify yourself as a post-bac student.)
EDUC 320: Middle Grades or K-12 O&P - 1-3 cr. hours (on-line –Contact Ms. Van Vleet 308-432-6383 for enrollment. Please identify yourself as a post-bac student.)
EDUC 431M: Special Methods (Interdisciplinary) - 3 cr. hours (Spring only on-line)
EDUC 405 Professional Sequence - 5 cr. hours (offered in evenings during May/June summer sessions)
EDUC 270 - Human Relations-1 credit hour (offered online)
EDUC 490S: Secondary Student Teaching Internship- 16 credit hours (this is full-time, in a school, for one full semester)

Endorsement (Content/Subject) Area Courses

A minimum of 75% of endorsement program credit hours (i.e., math, biology, etc.) must be completed, with no less than a 2.50 GPA, prior to the student teacher internship experience. Needed endorsement area courses must be determined by the certification officer or teacher educator in your proposed endorsement area/dept.; this will be determined through an evaluation of your official college transcripts.

Residency Requirements

Students must complete 30 credit residency hours to meet the Chadron State College graduation requirement. Of the 30 cr. hours of residency, the following courses must be completed at Chadron State College:

  • EDUC 300 Observation & Participation (1-3 credits)
  • EDUC 320 Observation & Participation (1-3 credits)
  • EDUC 431 Special Methods (3 credits)
  • EDUC 405 Professional Sequence (5 credits)
  • EDUC 490 Student Teaching (16 credits)

On-line courses and Directed Independent Study (DIS/correspondence) courses will count toward "residency" as long as they are taken from CHADRON STATE COLLEGE.

Student Teacher Internship: Participants in this program must complete their student teacher internship experience at a school approved by the Field Experience Director. Placements will be made by the Project Coordinator for Field Experience. Student teaching internship will be full-time, for one semester (minimum of 16 weeks). Applications must be made to the Field Experience Coordinator. For fall student teaching, the application deadline is February 1, the semester prior. For the spring student teaching, the application deadline is September 1, the semester prior.

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