Cooperating Teachers

Dear Cooperating Teacher,

Thank you so much for agreeing to be a mentor for one of our Teacher Interns, we greatly appreciate it. Without your help and expertise, our program would not be such a success.

This website is to keep you informed of the policies, procedures, and guidelines of our Teacher Internship program. In this website, you will also find evaluation forms to complete for your Intern.

The website contains four sections: Resources, Policies & Procedures, Phase in Calendars, and Evaluation forms. Be sure and scroll down to view these four sections and their links.


Policies & Procedures

Listed below are policies and procedures that pertain to the Teacher Intern experience.

Calendars for Internship

Evaluation forms

Listed below are two evaluation forms that need to be completed by the cooperating teacher. Follow the phase in calendar to know when to complete the following forms: