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Dossier Requirements

Education Dossier Requirements/Instructions

Each student must develop a dossier before entering the Professional Semester (block). Students should have their dossiers to their advisor by November 1 for Spring Block or March 1 for Fall Block enrollment.

You will complete some of these components in your Intro to Teaching class (if you take it at CSC), then, when you are applying for Block, you will revise/update them for your dossier. Include both the original papers and the revised papers in your dossier.

Guidelines for completion of Autobiography, Personal and Professional Goals

  1. Prepare a 1-2 page autobiography describing your background and experiences; emphasizing what has prompted you to consider teaching as a career. Think about school experiences, extra-curricular activities and life experiences in working with children and youth. For example, you may have worked as a student classroom aide; coached youth sports teams; or served as a 4-H Junior Leader. Remember, the dossier is to be read by professionals who don’t know you, so be cognizant of the personal information you include. This isn’t a good time to include all the family skeletons! Write in a style that is somewhat formal, but allows the reader to become acquainted with you!
  2. Prepare a 1 page listing of your personal and professional goals. You may use a paragraph or a list format. Goals may be short, medium or long-term. At times there may be overlap between personal professional goals. Use your own judgment. A minimum of three personal and three professional goals are expected. Remember again, include goals that would be perceived in a positive light by a reader who does not know you.

    Prepare both sections professionally. This means error free. Put your best foot forward!!

Guideline for Philosophy of Education

Your own philosophy of education is important because it provides you with focus and emphasis for your teaching. Working to communicate your philosophy helps you to become aware of your own goals and values, and how they knit together with your instructional and professional practices. This also prepares you to integrate them with the goals and values espoused by your school district and your community.

Your statement of philosophy is a description of your own goals and beliefs as a teacher. There is no right philosophy, however, some fit into certain settings better than others. You are likely to refine, augment, and redevelop your philosophy throughout the rest of your career.

Below are some guidelines to produce a well-written, focused, and articulate statement of your philosophy. This statement of philosophy should rely on your personal beliefs and experiences. Your philosophy will be influenced by the knowledge and experience you acquire as you proceed through your teacher certification program.

Your statement of philosophy should answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of education?
  • What is the purpose of the curriculum?
  • What is the student’s role?
  • What is the teacher’s role?

Guidelines for Essay

During Intro to Teaching you will complete the essay “Why I want to be a teacher”, then for your dossier you will update that and also include the following:

Your one page essay on “Why I want to be a teacher?” should include a description of the impact you will have on students. Also incorporate the following from the CSC Conceptual Framework into your essay, explaining how each of the following 7 components will play a role in your effectiveness as a teacher.

  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Human Relations/Diversity
  • Methodology/Technology
  • Thinking Skills
  • Assessment
  • Leadership

Dossier Evaluation Form