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Terms and Conditions of the Residence Hall Contract


Housing Eligibility - Only full-time CSC students may reside in residence halls unless prior written approval is granted by the Director of Housing & Residence Life.

Policy Requirements - In addition to the terms of this contract, all policies and requirements set forth in the 2018-2019 CSC Student Handbook, 2017-2019 General Catalog, and Nebraska State College Board of Trustees Policy Manual are incorporated herein, which are available online.

Room Assignment - Each room shall be occupied by two students except where a single room is requested and available. The college reserves the right to reassign students, change room assignments and issue new contracts. Room reservations will be held until 12:00 noon on the first day of classes. At that time, rooms reserved for students who have not checked in will be reassigned unless the Housing Office has received written or email notification from the student that they will arrive late and that their room should be held.

Roommate Leaves - Students assigned to a double room who have a roommate move out may choose; (a) reassignment to another room or building, (b) assignment of a new roommate or (c) enter into a new contract for a single room. It is the responsibility of the student to respond to notification of the options above within seven (7) calendar days. Failure to do so will result in an automatic prorated charge of a single room for the remainder of the semester.

Meal Plan - Students residing in residence halls must select a meal plan as part of this contract. In the event this contract is cancelled (to move off campus), students may be allowed to retain their meal plan at the discretion of the Director of Housing &Residence Life.

*Meal plans are available to all students. Meal plans are student owned and are not transferable. Eagle bucks can be added to your account at any time by stopping by the Business Office.

Students have the option to enter into a new contract in order to make a change to decrease the meal plan selection during the first two (2) weeks of classes. Students have the option to enter into a new contract in order to increase the meal plan at any time during the year. Additional Eagle buck may be added to a student's account at any time, additional meals may be added at a pro-rated cost

Amenities - Internet services are provided as part of this housing contract. Both Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port are available in each residence hall room. Cable is provided in community spaces, lounge areas, and kitchens throughout the residence halls.

Damages - Each student shall be responsible for any damages caused to the building or equipment. Damage caused by undetermined individuals to public areas including restrooms, laundry or cooking facilities, lounges and hallways, shall be pro-rated among the residents using said areas.

Room Inspection - CSC reserves the right to enter residence hall rooms or common areas of the residence hall in accordance with the policies set forth in the 2018-2019 CSC Student Handbook.

Vacation Periods - If a student is unable to go home, they should notify the Assistant Director of their hall in advance. Arrangements for a place to stay can be made, although the student may be required to move to a different location and pay a per night fee as vacation periods are not covered by room and board payments. All residence halls will be closed for one week in December.

Contract Cancellation - The college may unilaterally cancel this contract and take possession of any room for violation of the contract terms, violation of the 2017-2018 CSC Student Handbook, 2015-2017 General Catalog, or Nebraska State College Board of Trustees policies.

The College reserves the right to reassign students within and between residence halls and rooms as deemed necessary, and to immediately terminate the contract by written notice if the student fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions of the contract or, if in the judgement of Student Services staff, continued residence would have a seriously negative effect on the student and/or fellow residents, or if a student does not show 'active academic participation' within the College community.

Room Reservation Cancellations

No Cancellation Fee if the cancellation is received in the CSC Housing Office prior to June 1 for Fall semester and December 1 for Spring semester.

  • All application cancellations must be in writing and be sent to the Housing Office at Chadron State College. Emails are accepted but must be sent to  The Housing Office responds to all emails if you do not receive a response, your email has not been received. If the cancellation is mailed, it must be postmarked prior to June 1 for Fall semester and December 1 for Spring semester.
  • $150.00 Room Reservation Cancellation Fee is assessed for Canceling a Room Reservation after the deadlines of June 1 for Fall semester and December 1 for Spring semester and prior to the start date of the semester.
    • All cancellations, regardless of the application date or whether an actual room assignment has been made, will be subject to all of these policies.

Room Contract Cancellations

  • $150.00 Contract Cancellation Fee is assessed for breaking a contract after the deadlines of June 1 for Fall semester and December 1 for Spring semester and prior to the start date of the contract.
  • After the start of the semester, refunds will be calculated according to the following schedule:
  • Week One - 100% refund on room and the $150.00 Cancellation Fee
  • Week Two and after - No room refund
  • Cancellation Fee may be waived if:
    1. a student withdraws from college with the approval of the Vice President.
    2. has been suspended for academic or disciplinary measures, with the approval of the Vice President.
    3. the contract is terminated with the approval of the Director of Housing or the Vice President.
  • Meal plan refunds are prorated based upon the number of weeks used with no refund for the last four weeks of the term.

Discrimination - Chadron State College is an equal opportunity institution. CSC does not discriminate against any student, employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, or age in employment and education opportunities, including, but not limited to, admissions decisions. The college has designated an individual to coordinate the College's nondiscrimination policies and practices may be directed to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources, Title VI, VII, IX Compliance Coordinator, Chadron State College, 1000 Main Street, Chadron, NE 69337 (308-432-6038) The term "disability" includes physical or mental impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities. Upon request, the College will provide students with disabilities with accommodations including, but not limited to, reasonable modification to residence hall rooms. Students may contact ADA Services at 308-432-6232.


  1. Residence hall rooms may not be used for commercial purposes.
  2. Pets are not permitted in residence halls, with the exception of service animals or support animals functioning as a disability accommodation that have been approved through CSC ADA Services.
  3. The use or possession of firearms, ammunition, explosives, or archery equipment is prohibited in the residence halls.
  4. Use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs on state property by the student or guests of the student, including but not limited to the residence hall property, is prohibited.