International Students

Welcome to Chadron State College!

Thank you for considering CSC. For over 100 years, Chadron State College has been providing university-level degree programs to regional, national, and international students. From its humble beginnings in 1911, Chadron State College has evolved into a vibrant institution of nearly 3, 000 students. In addition to our beautiful campus nestled near the Pine Ridge of Nebraska, CSC is also conveniently located near several cultural, historic, natural, and outdoor entertainment centers and attractions such as Denver, Colorado, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Yellowstone Park, and the Rocky Mountains.International Students

We invite you to join us for an affordable, accredited, and high-quality college education in a welcoming, safe, and authentic rural western-American environment.

International Studies Mission Statement

Our mission is to recruit international degree seeking students interested in attending Chadron State College. Our purpose is to assist international students in reaching their educational goals by providing superior student services through personalized, accurate, and timely assistance. Our goal is to promote student success both professionally and academically while respecting and embracing cultural diversity. We strive to uphold the laws of homeland security and the integrity of the institution both protecting the students and the institution from liabilities.


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