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WHAT is an internship?

It is an opportunity for your students and/or advisees to apply their classroom knowledge in a real work setting and earn credits toward their degree. Students can be enrolled in any department the direction of which is determined by the type of credits the student needs and/or the type of work the student is doing. For a complete list of internship course numbers, see the Course Syllabus.

WHO can do an internship?

A student who is interested in an internship should contact Career and Academic Planning Services to start preliminary paperwork, preferably one semester prior to doing the internship. Students must have completed 30 hours of credit, maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA, and secure the approval of their Academic Advisor via a signed form from the Internship & Career Services Office.

HOW does a student find a site?

Students are encouraged to consider where they would like to do their internship prior to visiting with Career and Academic Planning Services personnel. Although sites are advertised on our web page, we are happy to work with a student to develop a site that is appropriate for them or relevant to their interest and/or coursework. Academic Advisors are also encouraged to suggest potential sites, which Internship & Career Services personnel will gladly assist the student in pursuing.

*Internship credit can be earned at a student's place of employment ONLY if they can demonstrate new learning that is above and beyond their current job description. Employees of Chadron State College may not earn internship credit on the job. Students will not be approved to do an internship under a faculty member (Independent Study is the more appropriate course in this instance).

HOW does a student earn credit?

To earn academic credit, a student must demonstrate new learning. This is done by establishing learning outcomes –one for each credit hour attempted. Learning outcomes are approved and monitored by Internship & Career Services personnel and Internship Site Supervisors, with frequent input from Academic Advisors. Additionally, a student must work 50 hours for every credit hour attempted, which is documented on a signed weekly journal.

Upon completion of the required work hours, students compile a Final Portfolio which includes a reflective paper and is assessed by the Faculty Coordinator for the academic school in which the student is enrolled. Said Faculty Coordinator will assign a grade based on contents of the Final Portfolio, written evaluation by the student's site supervisor, and any input received from Career and Academic Planning Services personnel.