Chadron State College
Chadron State College

Inventory Department Responsibilities

The Chadron State College Inventory Department is responsible for:

  • Maintaining central inventory records for all non-expendable personal property and moveable equipment meeting specific criteria in accordance with Nebraska State College System Policy 7002 and 7014
  • Performing annual physical inventories, reconciling them to related records, and submitting appropriate documentation
  • Reconciling equipment additions and deductions on the inventory system to the general accounting system and preparing appropriate documentation
  • Indelibly distinguishing personal property and specific moveable equipment with appropriate identification tags
  • Verifying location of and / or tracking the movement of capital and non-capital items from one location to another and updating status as necessary
  • Providing short-term storage for property designated as “usable” for campus needs and updating “Inventory Store” when applicable
  • Disposing of excess property (surplus) no longer needed or usable in accordance with Nebraska State College System Policy 7014.

Personal Property / Movable Equipment Inventory Number

For the purpose of identification, a unique inventory number tag imprinted with “Property of State of Nebraska - Chadron State College” is affixed to each non-expendable personal property and movable equipment item meeting specific criteria. This inventory number tag should be used when reporting loss or theft, items determined to be “surplus” to the department, or equipment which is to be relocated on campus.

Missing or Illegible Inventory Numbers

If the inventory number tag for a piece of equipment is missing or becomes illegible, it should be reported to the Inventory Department for replacement. Since each item of equipment has its own unique inventory number, the inventory number tag should never be removed or placed on a different piece of equipment.

Inventory Department Location

As part of the Business Office, Inventory is located on the Garden Level of Sparks Hall, Room 013.