Institutional Research

Enrollment Quick Facts

CSC Fact Book - Fall 2012- October 15


Total Enrollment = 3,009 (2,365 Undergraduate, 644 Graduate)

Fall Incoming Class =  589 (411 Freshmen, 178 Transfers)

The 2,365 enrolled undergraduate students at CSC had the following characteristics:

Represented 30 countries including the U.S

Represented 47 states and Puerto Rico

 *59% of CSC students were from Nebraska, followed by Wyoming (11%), South Dakota (7%), and Colorado (6%)

Ranged in age from 17-74

71% of the undergraduates were under the age of 25

Overall 42 percent were first generation college students

Of the freshmen who submitted high school class rank, 70 percent were in the top half of their graduating class and 32 percent were in the top one-quarter

Of the freshman who submitted ACT reports, 31 percent scored 25 or above on the composite ACT and the top ACT composite score equaled 34

Average ACT score was 21.8, compared to a national average of 21.

Student/faculty ratio was 18 to 1 for Fall 2012 semester