Justice Studies

Student Opportunities

Justice Studies students do more than just attend classes – they gain hands-on experience, engage in the community and explore the world.

Buckingham Palace

Study Abroad

Study Abroad - The London Program - Our students have the opportunity to go abroad and experience London culture and government.

Internships in Justice Studies

Field education is a key way for our students to gain hands-on experience and to make contacts for future employment. Visit the Internship Office Website for more information.

Justice Studies Honors Programs

Qualified students interested in extending their studies in Criminal Justice or Legal Studies beyond the basic requirements for the majors are encouraged to enter the Justice Studies Honors Program. Students apply for the Justice Studies Honors Program after completion of their third college semester or completion of 42 hours of college courses and enter the program after completion of their fourth semester or completion of 55 hours of college courses. To be accepted into the program, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA overall or at least a 3.25 GPA in Justice Studies coursework.

The courses in the Justice Studies Honors program will combine accelerated learning opportunities for students, cross-cultural learning experiences and opportunities for collaborative research projects with faculty, including a thesis option. The Justice Studies Honors courses will be offered in the fall semester of each academic year. Currently, two alternate courses are offered: CJ/LS 442, Federal Justice System Policy, and CJ/LS 442, Advanced Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Research.

Criminal Justice Club

An integral part of the Criminal Justice program is an active Criminal Justice club. The principal objective of the club is to sponsor functions for Criminal Justice students that include informal gatherings, speaker presentations, community service projects and field trips.

The Criminal Justice Club promotes professionalism and greater understanding between institutions of higher education and agencies of criminal justice. Service projects, guest speakers, field trips, as well as social events, are all part of the club's activities. Membership is open to all students regardless of major.

Legal Studies Club

An integral part of the Legal Studies program is an active Legal Studies club . The principal objective of the club is to sponsor functions for Legal Studies students that include informal gatherings, speaker presentations, community service projects and field trips.

The Legal Studies Club is active in bringing together students who have an interest in the law. The club organizes its activities to help students, faculty and the community understand and appreciate their personal rights and responsibilities under the law. The Club also seeks to increase the students’ knowledge of law in preparation for a career as a legal professional. Club activities include field trips to explore law schools, courts and law-related facilities and to attend national legal conferences; a speaker series; club socials; as well as fun-filled events, such as CSC Homecoming and Spring Daze. Everyone is welcome!

Pre-Law Advising Center

Students in pre-law should select from a broad base of courses at the undergraduate level. The practice of law normally requires a bachelor’s degree, three years in graduate law school, and successful completion of the bar exam of the jurisdiction in which the law school graduate wishes to practice.

There are no specific course requirements and no particular majors for entrance into law school. Students are encouraged to follow their interests and talents, and choose a major that is right for them. Particular attention should be paid to the assertive skill areas that include language and communication skills, creative and critical thinking ability, and an understanding of human institutions and values.

Legal Studies and Criminal Justice programs are popular majors for pre-law students and provide a thorough understanding of the legal system they will be practicing in upon completion of law school. Students are encouraged to take certain law courses, to consider declaring a double major and to participate in college and community activities in preparation for admission to law school.

Students receive individual advising on LSAT preparation and law school selection from Justice Studies faculty and are encouraged to meet with visiting representatives from area law schools.

Visit the LSAT Website: www.lsac.org