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Gifts and Donations Policy

Gifts and Donations

The Reta E. King Library encourages gifts and donations of new and useful books for the Library Collection as well as donations of materials to the Friends of the Library for use by the Friends as a means of raising money for the King Library.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Reta E. King Library (a separate non-profit organization associated with the Reta E. King Library) accepts donations of books, magazines, and other media items to be sold in order to raise money for the Friends of the Library and to support the programs and services available at the Reta E. King Library. Policies regarding gifts and donations to the Friends of the Library are separate and distinct from the policies and guidelines of the King Library listed below. The Library does reserve the right to determine what and when materials will be offered for sale, withdrawn, or discarded. When requested by the donor, the Library will provide a dated receipt listing those items donated to the Friends of the Library.

Collection Guidelines for Accepting Materials

The Reta E. King Library welcomes gifts to the Library collection, but reserves the right to determine how the material will be used. Many factors including the limitations of space, processing costs, special handling or storage, and the costs of updating, keeping materials current, and continuing subscriptions influence the decision to accept and retain gift material in the Library collection.

In addition to the above factors, the Reta E. King Library has established the following guidelines regarding material it does not accept:

  • Books that duplicate titles already in the collection
  • Material in poor physical condition
  • Used text books
  • Books more than ten (10) years old in the social sciences, history or literature
  • Books from the information sciences, computer sciences, education, science and technology and business that are more than three (3) years old
  • Materials in formats the Library does not generally collect
  • Periodical short-runs or incomplete periodical runs, periodical titles not indexed or of little research or resource value based on date or subject matter
  • Items deemed to be inappropriate for the Library collection will be offered for sale by the Friends of the Library or discarded

In the case of a large donation (more than 10 titles) a list or description of the items offered should be submitted to the Library staff for review and subsequent selection of those items useful to the collection BEFORE the final agreement with the donor is made. This procedure will save the Library the cost of sorting, cataloging, processing, storing, or disposing of those items which are not appropriate to the overall collection.

The Head of Technical Services must be notified before a third party acting as part of or on behalf of the College accepts material designated for the Library collection. The Library must be allowed to examine materials for appropriateness, space requirements, processing and/or subscription costs, and special handling or storage requirements before accepting such gifts.

The monetary appraisal of materials accepted by the Library shall be the responsibility of the donor. When requested by the donor, the Library will provide a dated receipt listing only those gift items accepted by the Library.

The Library cannot accept materials on "indefinite loan" or with any conditions regarding the cataloging, storage, location, circulation, or disposal of gifts. Everything donated to and accepted by the Library becomes the property of the Library and is, therefore, subject to the same assessment standards and procedures as all other Library resources. Gift materials may ultimately be withdrawn from the collection, offered for exchange, donated to the Friends of the Library or discarded.

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