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Plagiarism Quiz

Answer True or False for each Question
  1. 1. Because what is on the internet is in the public domain, I don’t have to cite a source for
    anything I use from the internet.
  2. 2. Even if I use only a small part of some larger work, I must still cite it.
  3. 3. I can use someone else’s ideas, as long as I use my own language.
  4. 4. If I use data in a paper that I found somewhere else, I have to cite the source of that data.
  5. 5. I can use someone else’s words without a citation if I’m only summarizing that writer’s work.
  6. 6. Copying and pasting from the internet without using quotation marks and without citation is
    always plagiarizing.
  7. 7. Copying and pasting from the internet without quotation marks but citing the source is not
  8. 8. If my paper is wholly original, using no other source for ideas or data, written entirely in my
    own words, then I do not have to cite anything.
  9. 9. MLA and APA are two common systems of citation and documentation.
  10. 10. Both MLA and APA use an in-text system of citation and an accompanying List of Works