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Social Science Club

The Social Sciences are about humanity; we wish to emphasize the “people part” of club life. We host activities both on and off campus, as well as chances to meet and interact with the community and specialists within the different fields of the Social Sciences. This club will help you to make connections with potential friends and colleagues throughout and beyond your college career. If helping others is your wish, then we will help you do so through our active community service. Learn about and encounter different people, get chances for travel and exploration, and find your path with the Social Science Club.

Look forward to our yearly debates on contentious topics, our Back to Class Mixers, and our End of the Year BBW.  Come find your place in the Social Science Club.

Robert Knight
Email: rknight@csc.edu
Phone: 308-432-6284
Office: Old Admin 212

David Nesheim
Email: dnesheim@csc.edu
Phone: 308-432-6257
Office: Old Admin 221

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