College Policy Committee

Policy Committee Charter

This Committee supports the President in implementing and disseminating policies. It reviews new policies and substantive changes to existing policies for relevance to College mission and business operations, clarity, and compliance.


  • Ensure that policies are consistent with the mission of Chadron State College
  • Maintain a standard process for proposing, approving and disseminating policies
  • Maintain a consistent format and presentation of policies
  • Avoid conflicts between policies
  • Ensure policies are current
  • Ensure a complete set of policies is in place, are regularly reviewed, and are accessible
  • Ensure that policies are properly archived
  • Ensure effective communication to impacted parties

Policy Committee Membership:

The Policy Committee is a Presidential Committee. Members are nominated by Cabinet and represent each Cabinet unit.

Academic Affairs – Faculty Senate President or designee(s) – Dr. Katy Woods
Student Services – Ms. Sherry Douglas
Student Affairs - Dr. Pat Beu
Administration and Finance – Ms. Kari Gaswick
Administration and Finance - Mr. Todd Baumann
Human Resources – Ms. Amee Diers
Information Technology – Ms. Joby Collins
Athletics – Mr. Chris Green
IT Support – Ms. Kayla Kintz (Non-voting member)