Project Strive/Trio

Supplemental Grant Aid Application

Deadline - Supplemental Grant Aid funds are limited. Project Strive students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.
Notice: To qualify for Supplemental Grant Aid (SGA), a student must: 1) complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); 2) be receiving a federal Pell Grant; 3) be a member of Project Strive and; 4) be a Freshman or Sophomore. SGA awards are distributed to replace student loan(s) and/or to pay any unpaid balance on the student's account in the CSC Business Office. Funds are applied directly to the student's account and will be awarded after midterm grades are posted (middle of each semester).

SGA recipients must check and agree to all of the following:
If awarded SGA funds, I will:
Failure to meet these requirements may result in losing your eligibility to receive SGA assistance.
By signing the Supplemental Grant Aid Application, I authorize the Project Strive and CSC Financial Aid staff to obtain and review any and all information necessary to assess my academic and financial circumstances as they relate to this application and award process.
Please submit a paper, using the following headings, to the Project Strive Office explaining:
  1. Why it is important for you to receive the grant aid;
  2. How you intend to use the grant aid;
  3. How you plan to participate in Project Strive during this school year; and
  4. What your future goals are.
Include any unusual circumstances (such as family, medical or child care concerns; transportation concerns/problems; academic issues) that may affect your ability to continue attending CSC and maintain a passing Grade Point Average (2.0 or above).
The information you provide here will be a major factor in determining grant aid.You may use the space provided to submit your letter or may turn in your own typed, signed, and dated letter.

Please review above information to ensure accuracy.
By submitting this application I authorize Project Strive/TRIO staff to access any information necessary to determine grant eligibility.