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On-Campus Signing Days and New Student Orientation

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FAQ's:Signing Day and New Student Orientation (NSO)

Why should I attend a Signing Day event?

Attending a Signing Day session is a great time for you to visit campus to enroll in fall courses and handle outstanding business. The day includes sessions on Paying for College/Financial Aid and allows you to meet with representatives from student services, academics and student life. Click here for a detailed event schedule http://www.csc.edu/readytoregister/signingday/schedule/index.csc

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What if my major has changed?

When you complete the Ready to Register form, you will indicate your intended major on the form. You will also be asked to explain your career goals and how you plan to use your degree, so that we can ensure the major you have chosen matches those aspirations. Your course schedule will be built based on the major you indicate on your Ready to Register form. HOWEVER, your official major will not change. New students will have the opportunity to officially change their major at New Student Orientation, or during the first few weeks of classes. We ask that students wait to change their major for a few reasons. First, students change their minds--and sometimes they change it often. In an effort to avoid multiple major change requests, we feel it is best that students wait until the semester begins. Secondly, students may not be completely sure which major to choose or the ins and outs of what each major requires, so we prefer to have a conversation about that, prior to submitting the official change. Lastly, this gives students more time to really research their degree options and even experience a few days in the classroom before making a commitment. If you have questions about your major and this process, you should contact the START office.

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Why should I attend New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is REQUIRED for all new students (incoming freshman AND transfer students). It is designed to prepare you for your first year at Chadron State College. During Orientation you will:

  • Move-in to your residence hall.
  • Meet with faculty members from your academic departments.
  • Get to know your classmates.
  • Attend helpful sessions about campus life, programs and services.
  • Pick-up your parking permit.
  • Get your Student ID (take photo if needed).
  • Make any changes you need to your class schedule.

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How do I sign-up for Signing Day and NSO?

Please click the link below, to complete the registration form. You will sign up for BOTH events using the same form. You are welcome to bring two guests to Orientation, so be sure to include their names on the form as well.

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What if I can't make it to a Signing Day event?

You are highly encouraged to attend a Signing Day event. If you simply cannot make it to the event, please indicate that on the registration form. The START office will build your course schedule based on your Ready to Register form and email you once it is finished. If you have questions about your schedule or need to make changes, you can work with the START office via phone or email to make any necessary adjustments.

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Should my parents/guardians attend?

Absolutely! There are sessions designed specifically for parents/guardians, and we encourage their attendance at both events. (Besides, they are usually good help when you move-in to your room!)

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What about siblings, children and/or friends?

You are welcome to bring a total of two guests to NSO, and we prefer only two guests for Signing Day as well. Because the sessions require your full participation, it is best if families make other arrangements for children. However, additional guests can be accommodated if necessary.

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When are Signing Day events, what do we do and how long will it last?

There are four Signing Day events, two in April and two in June. Specific details event details, including the schedule can be found here: http://www.csc.edu/readytoregister/signingday/schedule/index.csc


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When is NSO, what do we do and how long will it last?

New Student Orientation begins with Move-In, the Thursday prior to the first day of classes in August. You will have the full day to check-in, move into your residence hall and get settled. You can check-in and move-in any time after 8:00 a.m. MST. A meet-and-greet barbeque follows that evening. Friday is a full day of programming and activities, followed by a picnic hosted by CSC’s president. Activities and events continue throughout the weekend, but are not required. A complete agenda will be available online and will be mailed to you, approximately a month prior to the event. 

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If I have specific questions during NSO, will offices be open to assist me?

During Move-In day on Thursday, our One-Stop Student Services will be open in the Student Center. Financial Aid, the Business Office (for billing and to pick up parking passes), Veteran’s Affairs and Student ID’s will be available for most of the day. For questions about your class schedule, advising services will also be available. On Friday, Student Services will return to their regular office locations in Crites Hall. You can visit them between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. MST.

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What should I do prior to arriving on campus?

  1. Make sure you can access and navigate your MyCSC and EagleMail accounts. The only place to view your financial aid, billing statements, class schedule and To Do list, is via your MyCSC account. Information about work-study, online courses and general emails will be sent to your EagleMail account only.
  2. Check your MyCSC and EagleMail accounts at least once a week.
  3. Contact your roommate to get to know them and decide who is bringing what. If you have questions or concerns about Housing, please contact them directly at 308-432-6355.
  4. Your bill for the Fall term will be viewable, via your MyCSC account, the week of July 20. Whether you plan to use federal aid, scholarship, private funding and/or personal pay to address the balance due, please make sure you have a plan in place in advance. For more information about the bill, payment plans and to see our cost estimator, click here: http://www.csc.edu/businessoffice/.
  5. Order your textbooks. Textbook information will be available about a month prior to the start of each semester. To order you books, contact the EaglePride Bookstore at http://www.neebo.com/chadron-state-college 

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What about lodging?

For lodging information click here: Hotel Information

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What is there to do during the evening hours of NSO?

The Student Center staff and Residence Life staff have activities planned during the evening hours. You are encouraged to attend these events as they are a great way to make friends and get involved in campus programming right away. See the formal agenda for details upon check-in.

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Do I need to bring money?

Yes, if you want to check out some of the restaurants and shopping in town. Also, the Eagle Pride Bookstore will be open for you to purchase books, gifts and CSC apparel.

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