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General Information


A student wishing to enroll for more than 18 semester hours, who does not meet the GPA criteria listed below, must petition for an overload. Overload petitions may be obtained in the START Office, Crites 115. The dean of Curriculum & Graduate Studies signature will be required.

GPA Requirements for Overload:
19 hours - 2.75
20 hours - 3.00
21 hours - 3.25

Independent Studies

The appropriate faculty member, chairperson, and dean of Curriculum & Graduate Studies signatures are required for registration in independent study courses. The form describing the course and expected course requirements must accompany the registration. All independent study courses will be given a course title on the transcript. Forms for independent study courses are available in the START Office, Crites 115.

Course Sections

Classroom Based Courses

These courses require participation within the traditional classroom AND are not distance learning courses.

Distance Education Courses

These sections are available entirely on the Internet.  

Additional Locations Courses

These sections are conducted in a place, geographically separate from the Chadron campus, where instruction takes place. An additional location typically does not have a full range of administrative and student services staffed by the facilities personnel. Such services are provided from the Chadron campus. A facility may provide access to instruction requiring students to be present at a physical location that receives interactive TV, video, or online teaching.

Dual (ACES) Credit Courses

ACES (Access to College Engagement to Success) or dual credit refers to courses taught to high school students for which the students receive both high school credit and college credit.

Special Courses & Requirements

Requires permission from the Career and Academic Planning Services, Rita E. King Library. Please request paperwork through that office.

Block and student teaching
Requires clearance through the Field Experiences Office, Old Admin. 114

Courses involving trips
Requires the instructor's signature.

Undergraduates taking graduate–level courses
Requires petitioning through the Graduate Office.

To be added to a course that is closed
Requires the Dean of Curriculum & Graduate Studies signature.

Catalog Assignment

All first-time entering students, transfer students, or students returning to Chadron State College will be assigned to the current catalog. Students may choose to follow a later catalog published after their (re)enrollment. Students may choose to appeal entrance into the current catalog by writing an explanation of reason to the Academic Dean.

Grade Level/Classification

Freshman = 1 – 29 completed credits
Sophomore = 30 – 59 completed credits
Junior = 60 – 89 completed credits
Senior = 90 or more completed credits

Course Numbers

The first digit of a course number indicates the class level at which the student would ordinarily register for the course, but students may enroll in lower level courses as well as one level above their class ranking as follows:


The following grades are currently used at Chadron State College:
A — Superior performance
B — Excellent performance
C — Average performance
D — Below average performance
F — Failure to meet minimum requirements, or student failed to officially withdraw from course.
I — Indicates some portion of the student’s work is unfinished due to a justifiable reason and is issued at the discretion of the faculty and Academic Dean. A grade for the term is recorded when the work is completed. If the work is not completed within twelve months, the instructor must submit a grade change to reflect a grade other than an “I”.
IP — “In Progress” indicates a course continuing into the next term. Grades are recorded at the end of the course.
P — Passing performance; requires previous registration as Pass/Fail.
W — Indicates official withdrawal from a course with a passing grade; requires form filed by deadline.
AU — Indicates non-graded, audit participation in a course.

Petition for Incomplete

A student may petition for a grade of Incomplete only when the student has a justifiable reason for his or her inability to complete the course. This may include, but is not limited to military activation after the 2nd week of the semester, significant and long-term illness which is documented by School Nurse and physician records, etc. The petition must be made prior to a letter grade (A-F or W) being posted. The student and the instructor will designate a due date for all work to be completed and after the student’s coursework is submitted to the instructor, the student will be assessed a final letter grade. The due date for the coursework must be less than 1 year from the end of the term. Failure to complete coursework by the agreed upon timeframe will result in a grade of F being posted.

Failure to complete a course within the semester may impact Financial Aid eligibility. The student is encouraged to seek counsel from the START Office prior to petitioning for an Incomplete.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Chadron State College assigns quality points to letter grades as follows:
A = 4 points
B = 3 points
C = 2 points
D = 1 points
F = 0 points

To determine grade point average, the total number of quality points earned for each attempted credit hour is divided by the total credit hours attempted (including semester hours passed and failed). The grade point average is computed only for courses taken at Chadron State College for non-teaching majors, but utilizes all courses from all institutions attended for teaching majors (Bachelor of Science in Education degree). Contact the Records Office for more information.

Grade Appeals

Students have the opportunity to appeal a grade. However, grade appeals can only be pursued in the subsequent Fall/Spring/Summer semester and must be made following the posting of grades, but no later than the end of the first two weeks (14 days) of the subsequent semester of enrollment. In order to appeal a grade:
1. The student must first meet with the instructor of the course in which the grade is being appealed and provide, in writing, a letter containing:
a. The facts surrounding how grades in the class were assigned;
b. How the standards established in Step 1a differ from what the student perceives
their quality of work to be;
c. Any inaccuracies the student believes exist in the assignment of the final grade.

2. If the grade appeal is not settled in Step 1 and the student feels the instructor has not evaluated all of the evidence or if there is additional evidence that was not considered by the instructor, the student may then appeal within ten (10) working days to the Dean of the School where the department resides. In the appeal, the student should include all of the information gathered in Step 1. The student should also provide information addressing why the evidence was not properly evaluated or what additional evidence exists that was not initially examined by the instructor.

3. If the grade appeal is not settled in Step 2, the student has ten (10) working days to request a review by the Student Academic Review Committee. The appeal should contain information explaining why the student feels the Dean did not accurately consider the evidence in making his/her decision. The Committee will consider all information gathered in steps 1 and 2 and make its recommendation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). The VPAA will then make a decision regarding the grade appeal and forward it to the student in writing.

4. The decision of the VPAA may be appealed to the President of the College and should include all information gathered in the previous steps. The appeal should contain information explaining why the student feels the VPAA did not accurately consider the evidence in making his/her decision. Final authority regarding grade appeals rests with the President of the College and no appeal shall be allowed to the Board of Trustees.

Audit Registration

Any student may elect to audit a class, instead of having a grade recorded. An audited class does not count toward any graduation requirement and is recorded as an “AU” on the academic transcript.  Current tuition and fees are charged for audited courses.

Academic Honors

During the fall and spring semesters, the Deans’ List (3.5-3.99 GPA) and President’s List (4.0 GPA) are established to honor undergraduate students for their academic achievements. Students completing at least 12 credit hours with no incomplete grades during that semester are eligible to receive a Certificate of Recognition. The Vice President for Academic Affairs Office presents the certificate to the student.

Academic Probation & Suspension

Academic Probation

Academic Probation is a warning period to the student that his/her grades are below the academic standards of Chadron State College. A student on probation may continue to enroll in courses. A student will be placed on probation if:

Specific requirements and/or restrictions will be placed on probation students as follows:

1st Academic Suspension

The first academic suspension is when a student is denied enrollment in academic programs or courses at Chadron State College for one semester and the preceding or following summer session as follows:

A student will be placed on academic suspension under the following conditions:

Students who were suspended and have sat out for the required time period are allowed to reapply for admission. Upon acceptance, they will have specific requirements and/or restrictions as follows:

2nd Academic Suspension

The second (and subsequent) academic suspension is when a student is denied enrollment in any academic programs or courses at Chadron State College for one year. Students who have been previously suspended will be placed on second suspension under the following condition:

Academic Appeals

If there are extenuating circumstances, a student may appeal the first or second academic suspension. Such circumstances might include an accident, severe illness, or other factors beyond the student’s control. The appeal is initiated with a written petition to the chair of the Student Academic Appeals Committee.

Good Academic Standing

Good academic standing is when a student’s cumulative GPA is 2.00 or above. Students who are placed on probation, or who are suspended but allowed to return through appeal or sitting out the required amount of time, will be back in academic good standing when their cumulative GPA reaches 2.00 or above.

Academic Amnesty

Student declaring academic amnesty for a semester in which financial aid was received and resulted in an academic or financial aid suspension is not appealable and students will need to meet the conditions of the Financial Aid Suspension to regain their financial aid eligibility. Only returning students can apply for Academic Amnesty. The application must be made following the posting of grades in the term in which amnesty is sought.

All decisions made by the satisfactory academic progress appeals committee are final.

Institutional Enrollment Status Definitions

Undergraduate (per semester)
Full time = 12+ credit hours
Three quarter time = 9-11 credit hours
Half time = 6-8 credit hours
Less than half time = 5 or less credit hours

Graduate (MA, MAE, & MSOM) (per semester)
Full time = 9+ credit hours
Half time = 6-8 credit hours

Graduate (MBA) (per 8-week session)
Full time = 6+ credit hours
Half time = 3-5 credit hours

All decisions made by the satisfactory academic progress appeals committee are final.

Textbook Information

Tutorials on how to look up Textbook Information for courses