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Success Stories

Get to Know Some of Today's and Tomorrow's Leaders

Army ROTC Cadets gain valuable experience that will help them excel in college and beyond. Meet students who have enhanced their college life through Army ROTC and will become Army Officers when they graduate.

Officers are the talented men and women of the Army who have the skills, training and experience it takes to lead the world's strongest fighting force.

Cadet RJ Custodio

Political Science major, Old Dominion University
With the help of a 4-year ROTC scholarship, RJ is able to pay for college while gaining experience and academic discipline, as well as making lifelong friends.

Cadet Jeff Davis

Sports Management major, Old Dominion University
Find out how Jeff jumped from high school athletics to college and Army ROTC. And get a glimpse inside an ROTC tradition: the annual military ball.

Cadet Marissa Bernadette

Nursing major, University of Texas at El Paso
By enrolling in ROTC after her sophomore year, Marissa learned leadership and communication skills that will help her thrive in her career in nursing.

Major Philip Romanelli

Chief of Staff for the office of Risk Management/Civil Affairs Officer
"Something I think goes back to experiences I had in Army ROTC and my experiences in the Army Reserve. Which is that when everybody works together there's nothing you can't do."

Major Otto Padron

"I stay in the Army Reserve today because it allows me an opportunity to work... on the skill that I think is most valuable in my job, which is to be a leader," says Padron.

First Lieutenants Clint & Maureen Bickett

Platoon Leader and Nurse, Medical Services Corps
In Army ROTC, Clint and Maureen met within days of their initial training and thrived during their individual military careers. They eventually married to form a beautiful family.

Cadet John Paul Gomez

Political Science major, Biology minor, University of San Diego
The first in his family to attend college thanks to an ROTC scholarship, John Paul is able to pursue his degree while developing an expanded set of unique leadership, discipline and career skills