Service Commitment

Put What You've Learned to Practical Use

Army ROTC students who receive an Army ROTC scholarship or enter the Army ROTC Advanced Course must agree to complete an eight-year period of service with the Army.

It's an experience that you can't get anywhere else, and your leadership skills will be challenged every day. Contact your campus Military Science department for more specific details on your Army ROTC service commitment.

Enrolling in the Army ROTC Basic Course does NOT involve a commitment of service to the Army unless you have received an Army ROTC scholarship.

All scholarship students will be required to serve in the military for a period of eight years. This obligation may be fulfilled by serving four years on Active Duty, followed by four years service in the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR).

Non-Scholarship Program Participants

Non-scholarship graduates may serve three years on Active Duty and five years in the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR).

Early Discharge

If you are selected for Green to Gold Program, you may obtain early release from Active Duty. Army Regulation 635-200, Chapter 16-2, provides for the honorable, early discharge of Soldiers so they can enroll in an Army Senior ROTC program.

The early discharge may be up to 30 days prior to the start of school. Terminal leave is NOT authorized.

To Qualify For Early Discharge

There are several options of commitment available to Army ROTC students in exchange for the tuition scholarship, the training and leadership development.