BS degree in Geoscience,
online or face to face

Geoscience A student prepares a fossil oreodont skull he found in paleontology class Geoscience Students use geologic maps in course work and to prepare for field excursions Geoscience A CSC geology student looks closely at metamorphic cleavage in Cambrian rocks in the Black Hills Geoscience CSC’s Watershed Team collects water chemistry data in a sampling event Geoscience Watershed Team members pitch in to measure stream discharge in Chadron Creek Geoscience CSC’s Watershed Team members measure width and depth of Chadron Creek to calculate discharge Geoscience The interdisciplinary Watershed Team samples aquatic invertebrates Geoscience Members of the Watershed Team collect water chemistry data in Chadron Creek Geoscience Chadron State College’s Watershed Team Geoscience A member of the Watershed Team collects dissolved oxygen data in Chadron Creek Geoscience A student examines an oil well electric log in his study of stratigraphy Geoscience CSC Watershed Team measuring physical stream characteristics Geoscience A student member of the CSC Watershed Team measures the bottom profile of Chadron Creek

CSC Geoscience is now online

Now you can get a degree in Geoscience face to face or online. Your online courses will be enhanced with summer field experience. For more information about earning an online or face-to-face geoscience degree at Chadron State, click the links at left.

All online and face-to-face classes are offered on a rotational basis. See the Geoscience Four-Year Template for a typical plan that will get you your degree in four years.

As a geoscience student you will get involved with issues of water and energy, geological hazards and land use. You can apply your skills for observation and working with people, your love of the outdoors and your knack for understanding complex relationships. Your hard work will pay off when you become a critical resource for your community.

CSC’s Eleanor Barbour Cook Museum of Geology is a fun and informal learning center. Its beautiful displays of rocks, minerals and fossils are tangible examples of Earth system interaction. The museum’s trackway cast from Toadstool Park is one of the largest trace fossils on exhibit anywhere in the world.

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Eleanor Barbour Cook Museum of Geology

Harold and Eleanor Cook with daughters in 1914
Harold and Eleanor Cook with daughters in 1914

CSC's geology museum started as a teaching collection of rocks, minerals and fossils developed by Eleanor Barbour Cook. Mrs. Cook taught at CSC between 1923 and 1941. Through the years the collections and exhibits have grown to regional importance. The museum exhibits are open when classes are in session and can be visited at other times by appointment. Read more about the museum's exhibits.