Physical and Life Sciences

What is the Center?

Habitat Kits

Used for creating a walk through habitat in the classroom. Kits include all materials needed to construct the three dimensional habitat, along with trade books, activity guides and theme-based computer software. Themes include:

Wonderwise Kits

Produced by the University of Nebraska State Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. The kits feature female scientists and include activity books, videos and CD-ROMs.

The Voyage of the MIMI

Parts I and II with new software for part I, including Mac, PC and Apple IIe.

Voyage of the Mimi is a Sunburst Communications product (Pleasantville, NY). This adventure series is a combination of hands-on activities, videos and software to be used in the classroom setting. Mimi I is about a scientist and some middle school students studying whales in the Gulf of Maine. Mimi II features South American culture and Mayan Math. There are 13 episodes and 13 expeditions per series.

Curriculum Guide Books

Science and Math Manipulatives

Most items are available for check out to teachers and college students.