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What public health field can I study at UNMC?

The University of Nebraska Medical Center offers a Masters in Public Health in seven different areas.


Biostatisticians use statistical methodology for analyzing health related data.

Community Health Education

Students will be prepared to work directly with clients. You will work with the community to find out what their needs are, promote healthy lifestyles and carry out the solutions identified by the biostatisticians.

Community Oriented Primary Care

Making the decision to center your attention on COPC means that you will be blending clinical care skills and public health issues with one team.


This concentration gives the tools to conceptualize a public health problem, to design a study, collect and analyze data and to interpret and report the results of the study.

Environmental and Occupational Health

This concentration focuses on issues associated with the adverse chemical, physical and biologic agents in the environment on human health.

Maternal and Child Health

This approach addresses not only the health status at each stage of the lifespan, but the influence that health in one stage has in subsequent stages.

Public Health Administration

This concentration prepares for an administrative, managerial or supervisory role with an emphasis on community organizing, policy development, planning and program evaluation.