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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal Financial Aid regulations require that financial aid recipients make satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of a degree. In order to be awarded and retain financial aid, recipients must comply with all of the Satisfactory Academic Policy requirements.

Financial Aid Warning

Students placed on financial aid warning remain eligible for most financial aid programs for their next period of enrollment. However, the next term of enrollment is a probationary period. During the probationary period, students are required to complete:

  1. At least 12 new credit hours if paid as a full time student
  2. At least 9 new credit hours if paid as a three quarter time student
  3. At least 6 new credit hours if paid as a half time student
  4. At least 3 new credit hours if paid as less than half time

Failure to complete the attempted enrollment status while on financial aid warning will result in Financial Aid Suspension.

Financial Aid Suspension

Students placed on financial aid suspension are ineligible to receive financial aid for the next term of enrollment. To regain financial aid eligibility, students are required to successfully complete at least 50% of the enrollment status of the term which resulted in financial aid suspension. The student would be required to pay for these courses out of pocket.

  • Financial Aid Appeals
    • Students may appeal their situation if they believe extenuating circumstances interfered with their ability to maintain satisfactory academic progress. To request consideration for an appeal, students need to write a letter explaining their circumstances to the START Office no later than the deadline date provided in the notification. Students are allowed to appeal only once. If your appeal is approved you will be placed on financial aid probation.
      • Extenuating Circumstances may include but are not limited to:
        • Injury or illness or a student or dependent of the student
        • Death of a family member
        • Family difficulties
        • Interpersonal problems with friends

Academic Suspension

Students placed on academic suspension are automatically placed on financial aid suspension. Students choosing to appeal their academic suspension MUST submit an appeal letter to the Financial Aid Office in addition to the Academic Suspension Appeals Committee.

Academic Amnesty

Students declaring academic amnesty for a semester in which financial aid was received and resulted in an academic or financial aid suspension is not appealable and students will need to meet the conditions of the Financial Aid Suspension to regain their financial aid eligibility.

All decisions made by the satisfactory academic progress appeals committee are final.

Federal Aid Return Policy

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