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Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Study at a foreign institution involves a lot of pre-departure planning so be prepared for the amount of time it takes. It can take up to 6-8 months depending upon type of Study Abroad program.

If you are seeking additional financial aid consideration for Study Abroad, most additional funding/consideration available is typically in the form of federal or private student loans.

Study Abroad Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

  1. Short Term Based
    Financial Aid is available for eligible students who choose to participate in a faculty led/sponsored travel abroad. Students can receive financial aid for tuition, fees, room/hotel, meals, books, transportation and some personal expenses. Study Abroad Course/s must be required toward student’s plan of study to qualify.
    Scholarship Opportunities- The Team George Scholarship is available to Justice Studies student(s) participating in the London trip as chosen by the faculty.  
  2. Semester/Year Based
    Financial Aid is available for eligible students who wish to study abroad at a foreign institution for a semester or a year. All courses taken at the foreign institution must be applicable toward CSC programs and pre-approved prior to traveling abroad. Student can receive financial aid for tuition, fees, books, transportation, meals, room and some personal expenses.
    Scholarship Opportunities- Scholarships are available for semester/year based study abroad opportunities by submitting the Stephen & Janice Study Abroad Scholarship application.

For more information about Financial Aid for Study Abroad opportunities contact:

START Office
Crites Hall 114

For more information about Study Abroad opportunities contact:

Kate Pope
Project Coordinator Study Abroad
Old Admin Bldg.
Room 304