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Changes of Registration and Withdrawal

Changes of Registration

Add Classes

All CSC students are allowed to add classes to their course schedule via their MyCSC account, up through certain time frames depending on the length of the enrollment period. Please refer to the academic calendar for the last dates to enroll in a course.

Students needing assistance adding courses may visit the START Office in Crites Hall or email, or contact their academic advisor. Students seeking to add classes after the last day to add for that enrollment period will need to contact the appropriate faculty member and Dean for special permission. The permission will need to be in written form and submitted to the START Office.

Late Registration

To promote student success, no students may register for a current term after classes have been in session for five days (16 week term), 3 days (8 week term), or 2 days (4 week term). Under unusual circumstances the instructor of the course may consider a written request. The request must include reason for late registration and a detailed plan for successfully achieving the course(s). After the tenth day of the 16 week term and fifth day of the 8 week term, approval from the Dean of Curriculum & Graduate Studies is also required.

Drop Classes

Students are allowed to drop classes without financial or academic penalty, at 100% tuition and fee refund, based on the schedule found on the academic calendar.

Students needing assistance dropping courses may visit the START Office in Crites Hall or email, or drop the courses through their MyCSC account. Verbal requests to drop courses cannot be honored.

Students requesting or attempting to drop all courses after the 100% drop period will be required to pay a $75 Enrollment Cancellation fee prior to being dropped. Written requests to be dropped for a 100% refund need to be submitted to and will be reviewed on a case by case basis at which time class attendance/participation will be verified.

Withdraw from Classes

Students are allowed to withdraw from courses following the last day to drop (refer to Drop Classes section). At this point in time, students receive a grade of “W” in the course(s) they have withdrawn from. Tuition and fees are non-refundable, and if payment has not been made it will still be required for the course(s). Please refer to the academic calendar for last dates to withdraw.

  • Students are not allowed to withdraw themselves from courses via their MyCSC account. Students needing assistance withdrawing from courses may visit the START Office in Crites Hall or submit a written request to withdraw via email to start@csc.eduVerbal requests to withdraw cannot be honored. Students requesting to be withdrawn after the withdraw date will be subject to the grade reported by the faculty member.

See the Business Office for refund information.

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