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2002-03 Technology Fee Report

Technology Fee

02-03 Academic Year, $2.50 per credit hour for all CSC students.

Expenditure Guidelines

  • Technology acquisitions should benefit the general student population.
  • Funds should be allocated first to 'visible' improvements, such as maintaining and upgrading general lab hardware and software, network response time, and student assistance.
  • Funds are not used to purchase specialized equipment or software.
  • Funds are not used to fund non-student positions whose priority is student based technology support such as the general computer labs, residence hall, network connections, help desk, etc.
  • Fund is to be managed by the Technology Fee Committee.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Be mindful of expenditure guidelines.
  • Identify, introduce and prioritize needs, and recommend annual expenditures.
  • Attend meetings, conducted in the Fall for Spring implementation planning and in the Spring for Summer implementation planning.
  • Publish on the web and present to Student Senate and CSC Administration a report of the previous year's expenditures.

2002-2003 Committee Members
Student Representatives:

  • Eric Poelma
  • Ryan Morgan
  • Loren Sites
  • Hirut Yitayew

Faculty Representatives:

  • Phil Cary, Assistant Professor Mathematical Science
  • Kevin Miller, Assistant Professor Applied Science

Department of Information Technology Representative:

  • Ann Burk, Director of Information Technology

2002-2003 Funding

  • $175,000 Technology Fee revenue
  • $35,000 allocated to Distance Learning
  • $140,000 allocated to the Technology Fee Committee

Fall 2002 Expenditures

  • Provided paper and toner for the general computer labs.
  • Provide equipment repairs for the general computer labs.
  • Purchased 5 iMacs for the Gold Room lab.
  • Existing Macs were removed from the Gold Room lab.
  • Purchased 13 PCs for the Library lab.
  • Existing PCs were moved to the Gold Room lab.
  • Purchased laser printers for the Gold Room(2), Library & Miller labs.
  • Purchased scanners for the Gold Room, Library & Miller labs.
  • Purchased locks for the LCD monitors in the Library lab.
  • Purchased MS Office licenses for the Gold Room and Library labs.
  • Purchased W2K Client Access Licenses for the Library lab.
  • Purchased 50% of the Packeteer PacketShaper device.
  • Remaining 50% paid from the Revenue Bond fund.
  • Purchased 8 fast Ethernet switches, transceivers, and fiber jumpers for the residence halls.
  • Spring 2003 Expenditures
  • Provided paper and toner for the general computer labs
  • Purchased 2 servers to operating Windows 2000 domain control and file serving
  • Purchased RAM upgrades for the Gold Room and Miller lab PCs
  • Purchased 3 PCs and 1 Mac for the Tutoring Center
  • Purchased 27 fast Ethernet switches for the residence halls

A general lab is defined as that which is not also scheduled as a classroom, is open to all students, and provides equipment supervised by the Department of Information Technology. Current locations include the Library, Gold Room, Miller Hall, Edna Work, and residence hall lobbies.

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