Information Technology Services

CSC Acceptable Use Policy

Unauthorized Use

All information processed through the Department of Information Technology (IT) is considered sensitive and/or confidential. This information is based on a legitimate "need to know." The unauthorized use or abuse of any college owned or leased computer system, and installed software and files, is prohibited.

Chadron State College reserves the right to cancel accounts, initiate disciplinary action, limit or restrict access to computer accounts, equipment or the network, file criminal charges or take other appropriate action against individuals who act in an irresponsible manner and/or infringe upon the rights of others.

Unauthorized actions include but are not restricted to the following:

Students found browsing, hacking, or attempting any type of security breach into areas outside of their assigned directory will face revocation of computer access, grades of "F," and possible suspension or expulsion from Chadron State College. Employees found browsing, hacking, or attempting any type of security breach into areas outside of their assigned directory will face revocation of computer access and possible termination of employment.

Inspection of a user's files on back-up media by IT personnel in the course of responding to a request from that user for restoration of one or more files shall not be deemed a violation of the user's privacy.

Security Violation

In the event of an actual, suspected, or anticipated violation of the security of a computer system, designated system administrators may inspect any file on Chadron State College computers, without the user's knowledge, in an effort to determine the nature and means of the violation and the perpetrator thereof. In order to protect the integrity of the investigation network activity may be monitored, user directories and files may be reviewed, and user accounts may be disabled until the conclusion of the investigation. Files will be backed up for the purpose of recovery, if circumstances warrant.

Only those individuals named by the Director of Information Technology as being directly responsible for the security of Chadron State College computers may use special privileges which permit the examination, copying or printing of files, programs, electronic mail, or other information in a user's account, without the user's prior permission. This shall apply equally to mail resident on servers which has not been retrieved by the user.

The designated individuals may only use their special privileges in the event of a violation or reasonable suspicion of violation of computer security. A system administrator may not divulge any information obtained using special privileges to any person other than the Director of Information Technology, who will take the appropriate action. If an individual suspects someone has attained access to his/her account, the incident should be reported to the Director of Information Technology immediately in order to initiate appropriate action.

Intellectual Property Rights

Please refer to the CSC Copyright Policies.


Please refer to the Information Technology Support Policy.

Computer Accounts

Student accounts are automatically generated by the Department of Information Technology. Students will be granted an account for the duration of their student status.

Employee accounts may be established by completing an Employee Request for Computer Account form, available from the Department of Information Technology. Employees will be granted an account for the duration of employment. Individuals are considered employees if hired for Chadron State College full-time and part time positions. Student employees funded via work study or institutional funds do not qualify for employee accounts. Faculty Emeritus may obtain an account by completing an Employee Request for Computer Account Form.

Employees will make reasonable efforts to safeguard their account passwords. No employee may allow unauthorized persons access to college data, computing or network resources by sharing their password, except in cases necessary to facilitate computer maintenance and repairs. Unauthorized persons include and are not limited to student employees and family members.

Although it is the policy of the State College not to monitor individual usage of any computing resources, the College or System Office as appropriate, reserves the right to monitor user activities taking place on the CSC network and on computer lab systems, via network monitoring software, cameras, student lab assistant's observation, etc. without advance notice or specific permission, for any legitimate business purpose.


Individuals must adhere to this Acceptable Use Policy in order to retain access to campus computer facilities.

Read Section J of the Code of Conduct

Effective: June 1990
Updated: June 13, 2005