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The Teaching and Learning Center began as one of the strategic initiatives developed in the Red Balloon project in 2010 - 2011. Faculty and staff crafted a plan which included the development of a teaching and learning center. In strategic initiative documents, support for the use of technology in the learning environment and support for new and adjunct faculty were emphasized. Chadron State College had previously developed support for new faculty through Faculty First Year Blended Experience (FFYBE), an 18 month program designed to help faculty make a “good start”, and Excellence in Learning, a shorter program developed for adjunct faculty in Communication Arts and Social Sciences. With the development of a new essential studies program and changes in course delivery modes and technology, there was a need for support for faculty in the following areas:

During 2011-2012, a team of faculty facilitators determined the mission and goals of the teaching and learning center. In July 2012, Dr. Mary Jo Carnot was hired as the Assistant Director. In Fall 2013, campus changes in organizational structure have resulted in the development of the Teaching and Learning, Strategies, and Resources Unit, incorporating the Teaching and Learning Center, the Instructional Technology Center, and the Library.

The Teaching and Learning Center began to hold some programs during the 2011 - 2012 academic year, and has held a full schedule of programs starting in Fall 2012. One of the ongoing goals of the Teaching and Learning Center is to be responsive to input from the campus community, with a focus on support for teaching and for faculty needs. We have an active group of faculty facilitators who assist in programming development and decisions, and are always open to input from other faculty members and the campus community. If you would like to suggest a resource or an event, please contact Mary Jo Carnot, mcarnot@csc.edu