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Student Academic Calendar

Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing

For information about how to add, drop and/or withdraw visit the START Office website.

Following the drop deadline, you may withdraw from a course. However, the grade of W is assigned, no refund is available, and full payment is required. CSC does not issue partial refunds.

Fall 2020

Classes begin for 15-week and 1st 7-week sessions August 17
Last day to add courses for 1st 7-week session August 19
Last day to add courses for 15-week session and last day to drop courses for 1st 7-week and 15-week session August 21
15-week and 1st 7-week PAYMENT DEADLINE August 30
Labor Day Holiday  September 7
Last day to withdraw from 1st 7-week session September 11
Classes end for 1st 7-week session October 2
Classes Begin for 2nd 7-week session October 5
Last day to add courses for 2nd 7-week session October 7
Last day to drop courses for 2nd 7-week session October 9
Last day to withdraw from 15-week session October 16
2nd 7-week PAYMENT DEADLINE October 18
Last day to withdraw from 2nd 7-week session  October 30 

Spring/May Graduation Application Deadline

November 13
Final Exam week: Schedule November  23-25
Classes end for 15-week and 2nd 7-week sessions November 25
December Commencement/Graduation  December 18

December Session 2020

December Session Classes

Classes begin for D-session November 30
Last day to add courses for D-session December 1
Las day to drop courses for D-session December 2
D-Session PAYMENT DEADLINE December 7
Last day to withdraw from D-session December 10
Classes end for D-session December 18

Spring 2021

Classes begin for 16-week and 1st 8-week sessions January 11
 Last day to add courses for 16-week and 1st 8-week sessions  January 13
Last day to drop courses for 16-week and 1st 8-week session January 15
Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No Classes January 18
16-week and 1st 8-week PAYMENT DEADLINE January 24
Last day to withdraw from 1st 8-week session February 10
Summer Graduation Application Deadline February 13
Classes end for 1st 8-week session March 5
Mid-Term Break March 8-12
Classes begin for 2nd 8-week session March 15
 Last day to add courses for 2nd 8-week session  March 17
Last day to drop courses for 2nd 8-week session March 19
2nd 8-week PAYMENT DEADLINE March 28
Last day to withdraw from 16-week session April 2
Spring Break April 5
Last day to withdraw from 2nd 8-week session April 14
Fall/December Graduation Application Deadline April 15
Scholastic Day - No classes TBD
Final Exam week: Schedule May 4-May 7
Classes end for 16-week and 2nd 8-week sessions  May 7
May Commencement/Graduation May 8