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When academic issues arise in a student’s career, they can find the help and support they need through our Academic Support and Intervention programs.

Success Workshops

Want to learn how to stay organized?  Get motivated?  Join us at one of our success workshops that are open to all CSC students. Can't join us in person?  Online workshops are also available.

Workshop Schedule:

No workshops scheduled - Summer semester

Workshops typically occur the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM in the Learning Center.  You can register for a workshop online: Workshop Registration. Space is limited, so sign up early!

Early Alert

At Chadron, early alert allows staff and faculty to notify the Office of Academic Success when a student is struggling in a course or has other issues relating to academics. The student will then be contacted and offered a variety of options in order to help them get back on the road to success.

For Faculty and Staff

A new Early Alert software is being tested.  Email to get started.

Back on Track

Another program implemented at Chadron State is Back-on-Track, which helps students who have been placed on academic probation or suspension. This program teaches students different ways to achieve success and gets them in contact with the resources that can be provided by the Office of Academic Success.

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The Back on Track (BoT) program is for all students on probation, suspension re-entry, or otherwise recommended.  Students will complete an orientation, then work on weekly plans with peer mentors during up to ten meetings per semester.

Getting Started

If you are required to, or it is recommended that you participate in Back on Track, you will be contacted by your advisor, the Director - OAS, or another mentor on campus. Once you've been contacted, please be sure to enroll in the program.

To complete the BoT program, you will need to have ten success planning meetings with a peer mentor, and you will need to complete a report at the end of the semester. You may be required to participate in BoT for more than one semester depending on your continued academic standing.


You will meet your peer mentor at orientation.  Mentors will explain probation, and the conditions of it, help students to calculate what they need to get out of probation, and give students an overview of the program.  All students will sign a contract and start their plan during orientation. The contract includes a reflection on why the student did not succeed, and a commitment to change and improve.  The first weekly plan is completed with specific goals for succeeding during the first week of classes.

Weekly Meetings

Each week, you will meet with your peer mentor to review how you did the last week, and create a plan for the next.  Some ideas for your plan could include basic work ethic goals like good attendance and being on-time; you might also plan to meet with a tutor, attend Supplemental Instruction, or work with your advisor on the next semester classes.  It is up to you and your mentor to work out the plan that works best for you.


Success Plan

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Contact Tom Tylee, Director OAS, for more information.