Chadron State College
Chadron State College

Description of Fees 2020-2021




Type of Fee: Amount of Fee: Use:
Health Fee $4.45 per credit hour up to a maximum of $53.40 per semester This fee is used to help pay services and employment of a school health office.
Activity Fee $7.00 per credit hour up to a maximum of $84.00 per semester This helps provide funding for the student Campus Activities Board (CAB).
Event Fee $14.50 per credit hour As the cost of providing athletics and cultural programs (fine arts) continue to grow, so too has the need for Chadron State to generate revenue to support this expense.
Facilities Fees $22.00 per credit hour The facility fee is used for revenue bond projects that are not funded by the state, such as improvements to the student center, residence halls, parking lots, and pedestrian enhancements.
Capital Improvement Fee $12.00 per credit hour Renovation and upgrade of instructional space on each of the state college campuses excluding those covered by facility fees.
Technology Fee $11.00 per credit hour This fee is used to support general access computer lab hardware and software, the campus network, the DS3 Internet connection and to provide technical support.
Records Fee $0.41 per credit hour This fee helps offset the cost of managing student records.
  Other Fees
*Matriculation/Processing, degree, placement, and transcript fees as well as late payments and parking/library penalties. Variable These fees are deposited in general and cash funds to directly or indirectly support activities and other services related to the department assessing the charge.
*Department Fees Variable Other departments may charge lab and other fees for certain courses and services.