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Campus Guidelines for Photo & Video

Chadron State College is an open enrollment, state-sponsored institution of higher education in Chadron, Nebraska. The nearly 300-acre campus has more than 25 major buildings and an abundance of public space.

There is a low expectation of privacy in public spaces on campus, and Chadron State College does not require permissions or releases to take photographs or record videos of individuals in such spaces. Examples of public spaces at CSC include The Big Event, commencement ceremonies, orientation and registration, and other events that do not require an invitation. Other spaces, such as private rooms in residence halls, are not considered public spaces.

If media agencies would like to photograph or record video of students in classrooms or other interior spaces, the organization must seek and receive approval from the Department of College Relations prior to the requested date and time.

Contact Alex Helmbrecht or Tena Cook

College Relations’ employees take photographs and record videos of students and employees in college settings for promotional and informational purposes. College Relations will be mindful of privacy concerns and ensure there are not concerns from individuals prior to taking photographs or recording videos.

College Relations is also responsible for news photographs and videos, which are made available in social media, newspapers, news websites, and other media, including the college’s online photo gallery. College Relations will attempt to ensure privacy concerns from individuals are addressed prior to publishing photographs and videos.

Permission and Releases

A majority of College Relations’ photos and videos for publicity purposes are taken with studio lighting and require some sort of production, so it is obvious to the subject included in the photo or video his or her image will be used.

However, there are a number of scenarios where it might be appropriate to obtain permission and/or releases for photos and videos. There are many forms and methods for obtaining agreement from an individual, including:

  • A verbal announcement to a group that photos or videos will be taken and how the materials will be used.
  • Obtain a written signature on an approved consent form.
  • Asking a subject and receiving verbal confirmation.
  • It is the responsibility of any CSC student to inform the photographer(s) or videographer(s) if they do not want their picture/video taken.

The best approach will usually depend on circumstances, context, practicability, and risk. Chadron State College, specifically the Department of College Relations, will not use photographs or videos for commercial use. However, the photos and video will be used in non-commercial and informative ways.

If a student or students are identifiable in a photograph or video that appears outside of a classroom, FERPA may apply and require that permission be obtained before the photo or video is shared publicly.

At times, Chadron State College will photograph its employees, including student and part-time workers. College Relations employees will be aware of privacy concerns as they relate to CSC employees and inform the employees of the purpose of the photograph or video.

Chadron State College owns the copyright of photos and videos its employees create as part of their duties.

Adult Model Release

Developed: Sept. 8, 2020
Last Updated: Sept. 22, 2020

Multimedia Services

College Relations produces quality promotional and publicity materials to be distributed in print, video, and web formats. The department creates audio, video, and photographic products not only for the college community, but handles productions to meet the requests of broadcast media.

The department is available to assist in the recommendation, selection, and purchase of printing services from a variety of vendors. The CSC Print Shop offers a variety of printing services on campus.

Contact CSC’s Publications Specialist, Digital Graphic Designer or the Print Shop for your promotional material projects.

Graphic Design Services

The department creates graphically dynamic publications for the promotion of Chadron State College. It places an emphasis on editing, design, and layout techniques, and strives for the highest possible production quality.

Promotional Photography Services


College Relations produces photographs of a variety of classroom, campus, and architectural scenes for use in CSC promotional materials. To request photos for use in a publication, contact the Digital Graphic Designer.

Visit the Chadron State College photo gallery to view more CSC photos.

Promotional Video Production Services

College Relations produces promotional videos for CSC marketing campaigns. To discuss a potential video project, contact the Digital Graphic Designer.

Visit the Chadron State College YouTube channel to view CSC videos.

Print Shop

The CSC Print Shop provides printing services to students and employees of Chadron State College. The Print Shop, located in the Burkhiser Technology Complex, offers printing, design, and production, as well as finishing with a variety of processes.

For detailed information about printing services, contact the Print Shop.