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The mission of the Career and Technical Education at Chadron State College is to provide learning experiences related to the history, theory, and significance of work-based learning, so that future professionals can prepare students to be college and career ready.

Learning Outcomes

The State Board of Nebraska has established certain criteria to be met by teachers planning to teach career and technical education courses in Nebraska schools. The learning outcomes of Career and Technical Education are:

  • Identify and explain the philosophy of career and technical education.
  • Develop coordination plans for school and work-site learning which include a variety of opportunities experiencing the connection and transition from school to work.
  • Identify and explain child labor laws and the application to work based learning.

Course List and Description

Supplemental Endorsement to Teach Cooperative Education - Diversified Occupations (9-12):

Students must complete the following program in addition to either having, or earning concurrently, a secondary endorsement in another field or subject.

Course Prefix Course Number Course Title Course Credits
CTE 431/531

Introduction to Special Needs Programs in CTE
Principles & Philosophy of CTE
CTE 438/538 Coordination Techniques/Work-Based Learning 3
CTE 390 or 690 Internship (300 hrs. of supervised work experience)
1000 hours verified hours of volunteer, internship, or paid work experience
Required Total   6-12