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Joel HyerWelcome to the Graduate Program web site. I hope that we at Chadron State College can meet your graduate degree and professional development needs. Within our Graduate Program we strive to meet the advanced educational needs of the people within this region particularly in the areas of education, business/economic development and human services.

The Master in Education degree is designed for individuals in the education profession primarily in the public and private schools requiring teacher certification. These programs examine the trends, issues and future of the educational system within our country.

The Master of Arts in Education degrees in Mathematics, Science and History provide the student with a strong knowledge base in these disciplines allowing the students to continue education at the doctorate level, teach in post-secondary settings, or improve performance within existing careers. The Master of Arts in Education programs in History, Mathematics and Science can be customized to meet the specific needs of students.

We have two degree programs that examine the business/economic development issues, trends and best practices. These are the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Science in Organizational Management. While the degrees have different curriculum and focus, the common element of preparing individuals for business management and economic enhancement is a primary goal. The Master of Science in Organizational Management includes focus areas of Human Services, Natural Resources and Sports Management.

The College has several programs that address human services including a Master of Education in School Counseling, a Master of Arts in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and a Master of Science in Organizational Management with a focus in human services. The degree is designed to provide knowledge and skills in management positions with corporate, government or not-for-profit settings.

Some of our programs are delivered in an online format and some in a face-to-face format.* Program details are discussed within this web site. I hope we are able to meet your graduate degree and professional development needs. For more information on course offerings, contact any of these offices on campus:

Admissions at 1-800-CHADRON (800-242-3766) or

Graduate Studies at 308-432-6221

Chadron State College is one of three, four-year institutions within the Nebraska State College System. Our goal is to provide regional educational programming for people throughout the high plains area. Our curriculum focuses on the relationship between theory and practice. We are located in northwest Nebraska among splendid bluffs, pine forests, and grassy plains. This is a great environment in which to live and learn.

Wendy L. Waugh, Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate Studies and the School of Business, Mathematics, and Science.

*Please refer to the current Graduate Catalog for Definitions of Course Delivery Formats.