Housing & Residence Life

Residence Halls Room Reservation (New Students Only)

Room Reservation Processing Fee

A $50.00 processing fee must accompany the Residence Hall Room Reservation form. A room may not be assigned until the processing fee is received. 

The processing fee is non-refundable and applies to future contract processing of the student as long as the student remains in the residence halls (summers excluded).  Should a student move off campus and later want a residence hall room the $50.00 processing fee would again be required with a new application.

Room Reservation Cancellations

No Cancellation Fee if the cancellation is received in the CSC Housing Office prior to June 1 for Fall semester and December 1 for Spring semester.

Room Contract Cancellations

Off-Campus Residency Policy

All freshman students are required to live and eat on campus except those who are:

  1. Married
  2. Single parent
  3. Living with parents
  4. Over 21 years of age

These students must fill out an Off-Campus Application Form, available at the Housing Office, prior to the start of the semester they plan to attend CSC. The application must be returned to the Housing Office for approval.

Room Reservation

Rooms are assigned by the Housing Office Staff. The preferences of each student in terms of roommate, residence hall and room type are considered in the assignment. If students are not assigned their first choice, they will be given the opportunity to change when space is available.

Student room reservations will be held until 12 noon on the first day of classes. At that time, rooms reserved for students who have not checked in will be re-assigned. The room will be held if the student has notified the Housing Office that he/she will be arriving late.

Chadron State College reserves the right to make all housing assignments according to what appears to be in the best interest of the student and the college.


Please contact the CSC Business Office at 308-432-6240 to make payment with credit/debit card or send payment to:

CSC Housing Office
1000 Main Street
Chadron, NE 69337


College Classification
Academic Level:
Room requested for term(s):
Meal Plan Preference
Residence Hall Preference
Type of room preference:
Roomate Preference
The following items will be used for your roommate assignment, check any that you would like to apply to your roommate:

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