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What is an internship?

An internship is a chance for you to earn college credit while gaining valuable, hands-on work experience. Anywhere from 1 to 12 credits of internship can be earned during a semester, and a total of 18 can be applied toward a degree at CSC. Internship can be done in almost any academic department and can be used as elective and/or upper-division credits. Graduate internship credits are available in a few departments. Internship credits cost the same amount as any other course credits and will be displayed on your college transcript.

Why should I consider an internship?

There are several reasons: By getting hands-on experience, you are better informed about careers, which can assist you in choosing an academic/degree program.

Having real work experience can help you in your job search. Interns develop employment contacts and references and have an advantage as job seekers upon graduation. CSC Graduates are surveyed the fall after graduation, and 61% of those who report they are employed also report having done an internship. Well over half of those graduates believe that their internship experience contributed a lot or quite a bit toward their employment status.

How do I do an internship?

You must be able to work 50 hours for every credit hour you are pursuing. “Assignments” include; setting goals or Learning Outcomes, keeping a Weekly Activity Journal, responding to Reflective Questions, and compiling a Final Portfolio –which includes a reflective paper. Your internship will be graded by the Faculty Coordinator assigned to your school, but all your assignments are to be submitted to Career and Academic Planning Services.


Forms may be obtained from Career and Academic Planning Services in the Library, or you may access and download the forms yourself.

Undergraduate Students

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Graduate Students

Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Majors Also Need


Faculty Information

WHAT is an internship?

It is an opportunity for your students and/or advisees to apply their classroom knowledge in a real work setting and earn credits toward their degree. Students can be enrolled in any department the direction of which is determined by the type of credits the student needs and/or the type of work the student is doing. For a complete list of internship course numbers, see the Course Syllabus.

WHO can do an internship?

A student who is interested in an internship should contact Career and Academic Planning Services to start preliminary paperwork, preferably one semester prior to doing the internship. Students must have completed 30 hours of credit, maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA, and secure the approval of their Academic Advisor via a signed form from the Internship & Career Services Office.

HOW does a student find a site?

Students are encouraged to consider where they would like to do their internship prior to visiting with Career and Academic Planning Services personnel. Although sites are advertised on our web page, we are happy to work with a student to develop a site that is appropriate for them or relevant to their interest and/or coursework. Academic Advisors are also encouraged to suggest potential sites, which Internship & Career Services personnel will gladly assist the student in pursuing.

*Internship credit can be earned at a student's place of employment ONLY if they can demonstrate new learning that is above and beyond their current job description. Employees of Chadron State College may not earn internship credit on the job. Students will not be approved to do an internship under a faculty member (Independent Study is the more appropriate course in this instance).

HOW does a student earn credit?

To earn academic credit, a student must demonstrate new learning. This is done by establishing learning outcomes –one for each credit hour attempted. Learning outcomes are approved and monitored by Internship & Career Services personnel and Internship Site Supervisors, with frequent input from Academic Advisors. Additionally, a student must work 50 hours for every credit hour attempted, which is documented on a signed weekly journal.

Upon completion of the required work hours, students compile a Final Portfolio which includes a reflective paper and is assessed by the Faculty Coordinator for the academic school in which the student is enrolled. Said Faculty Coordinator will assign a grade based on contents of the Final Portfolio, written evaluation by the student's site supervisor, and any input received from Career and Academic Planning Services personnel.

Employer Information


Chadron State College joins approximately 1200 universities and colleges across the nation in offering an internship program. Statistics show that approximately 60 percent of the students who do internships are offered permanent employment by their internship supervisors upon graduation. Thus the internship opportunity constitutes an additional, important element in the students’ educational processes.

Following please find basic employer information regarding the CSC popular program:

Eligibility for Internship

  • Students must complete 30 credit hours before starting an internship position. (sophomore status)
  • Students must complete the necessary application process and obtain approval from their academic supervisor and the Internship & Career Services office.

Employer Responsibilities

  • Students are asked to write learning outcomes in collaboration with their faculty and internship supervisor.
  • The internship supervisor is responsible for orientation, training, safety instructions, and an overview of the company’s policies and procedures.
  • The internship supervisor will be asked to sign the Internship & Career Services Training Agreement prior to the start of the internship.
  • The internship supervisor will be asked to complete a one-page midterm and final evaluation of the student’s performance on a form provided. In addition, the student will ask the supervisor to sign the weekly activity journals.
  • Students may receive compensation for their work, and the amount is negotiated between the employer and student. Compensation is not a requirement of the Internship & Career Services office.

Employer Benefits

  • Interns are an excellent source of highly motivated pre-professionals.
  • Professional release time is generated for permanent staff by assigning consuming essential tasks to the intern.
  • Supervisors have an observation period without long-term employment commitments.
  • Supervisors receive an enhanced company understanding of the educational process.
The Career and Academic Planning staff will provide assistance and guidance as needed throughout the internship experience.