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Institutional Review Board - Commitment and Membership

Welcome to the Chadron State College Institutional Review Board website.  This site provides information for appropriate use of humans and animals as research participants at Chadron State College.

Chadron State College is committed to free inquiry and academic freedom. Chadron State College is further committed to the standards of quality of research involving human and animal participants, and the ethical principles therefore appropriate. Full compliance with these regulations is fundamental to our self-imposed commitment to maintain and uphold the standards of ethical research.

The pages to the left provide background information, Chadron State College IRB policies and procedures, and application forms for review and approval of research involving human research participants and animal research participants.

In compliance with Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Part 46 federal law (human) and Title 9, chapter 1, subchapter A (animals), the Chadron State College Institutional Review Board (IRB) must review and approve all research involving human or animal research participants to ensure that standards of practice are followed.

The Institutional Review Board for research with human or animal participants is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Co-Chair: Dr. Jim Margetts, 308-432-6246,, Dean of Essential Studies and School of Liberal Arts
  • Co-Chair: Dr. Mary Jo Carnot, 308-432-6419;, Professor, Psychological Sciences  
  • Co-Chair: TBD
  • Members:
    • Dr. Patti Blundell, Professor of Education
    • Dr. Mathew Brust, Professor of Science
    • Dr. Lisette Leesch, Professor of Justice Studies
    • Dr. Anthony Perlinski, Assistant Professor of Applied Sciences
    • Dr. David Johnson, M.D., Community Member
    • Dr. Lynn Steadman, D.V.M., Community Member


Participant complaints are to be directed to the IRB Chair, who will ensure that an investigation is completed, a report is prepared, and the information is forwarded to the appropriate administrator for any necessary action.