Policies by Category


Absence Policy (Teaching Internship)
Academic Amnesty Policy
Academic and Professional Organizations (NSCS Board Policy 4050)
Academic Freedom; Faculty (NSCS Board Policy 4650)
Academic Fresh Start Policy
Academic Good Standing, Probation & Suspension Policy
Academic Honesty Policy
Academic Program and Degree Requirements (NSCS Board Policy 4140)
Academic Program Approval and Review Procedure (NSCS Board Policy 4200)
Academic Responsibility; Faculty (NSCS Board Policy 4651)
Accompanist Policy
ACES Grade Policy
Assessment Policy and Procedures (NSCS Board Policy 4220)Revised
Audited Course Policy
Class Attendance and/or Participation Policy
College Calendar (NSCS Board Policy 4001)
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Policy
Credit Hour Definition and Assignment to Course Modalities (NSCS Board Policy 4141)
Degrees; General (NSCS Board Policy 4150)
Design and Delivery of Distance Education Courses (NSCS Board Policy 4730)Revised
Distinguished Service Awards (NSCS Board Policy 4500)
Dual Enrollment Courses Delivered to High School Students (NSCS Board Policy 4420)
Electronic and Recording Devices in Class Policy
Faculty Exchange Agreements (NSCS Board Policy 4610)
Field Internship Student Evaluation Policy
Field Study Policy
First Year Inquiry Academic Reprieve Policy
Grade Appeals Policy
Graduation (NSCS Board Policy 4151)
Honorary Degrees (NSCS Board Policy 4510)
Institutional and Program Accreditation (NSCS Board Policy 4620)
Library Circulation Policy (King Library)
Missing Student Notification Policy
Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education (NSCS Board Policy 4800)
Off-Campus and Out-of-State Course and Program Offerings (NSCS Board Policy 4710)
Out-of-Town Placements Policy
Personal Safety in Social Work Policy
Personal Use of Vehicle in Social Work Policy
Posthumous Degrees (NSCS Board Policy 3601)
Professional Development Courses (NSCS Board Policy 4440)New
Professional Development Courses For Educators Policy
Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in Social Work Policy
Public Service (NSCS Board Policy 4350)
Recommended College Preparatory Program (NSCS Board Policy 4400)
Research (NSCS Board Policy 4320)
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Graduate - MBA)Revised
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Graduate - MSOM/ME/MAE)Revised
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Undergraduate)Revised
Sexual Harassment in Social Work Field Internships Policy
Student Records (NSCS Board Policy 3650)Revised
Teaching Internship Policy
Termination from Social Work Field Instruction Policy
Termination From Social Work Program Policy
Time in Practicum Policy
Transfer of Credits and Degrees (NSCS Board Policy 4430)
Use of Humans and Animal Participants in Research Policy