Policies by Category

Business Management

Bonding; System Officers/Employees (NSCS Board Policy 7006)
Budgets (NSCS Board Policy 7000)
Budgets; Operating, Requests, Adoption, Evaluation and Control (NSCS Board Policy 7001)
Capitalization; Definitions and Classifications (NSCS Board Policy 7002)
Cell Phones and Stipends (NSCS Board Policy 7026)
Claims; Liability Insurance, State Claims Board (NSCS Board Policy 7009)
Contracts and Agreements for Services (NSCS Board Policy 7015)Revised
Contracts; Sponsorships (Board Policy 7017)
Federal Personal Information Security Programs (NSCS Board Policy 7004)
Information Security Program (NSCS Board Policy 7003)
Information Technology (IT) Purchasing and Services (Board Policy 7018)New
Inventories and Disposal of Surplus Personal Property (NSCS Board Policy 7014)
Lease-Purchase Agreements (NSCS Board Policy 7012)
Meals; Reimbursement (NSCS Board Policy 7024)
Purchases; Bids; Protest (NSCS Board Policy 7011)
Purchasing of Materials and Equipment (NSCS Board Policy 7010)Revised
Risk Avoidance, Risk Bearing Indemnification and Legal Defense (NSCS Board Policy 7007)
Risk Management (NSCS Board Policy 7008)
Safeguards; Cash and Personal Property (NSCS Board Policy 7005)
Travel and Expense Policy
Travel; Motor Pool (NSCS Board Policy 7020)
Travel; Personnel; Airplanes (NSCS Board Policy 7022)
Travel; Personnel; Claims, Authorization (NSCS Board Policy 7021)
Unclaimed Property; Uncashed Warrants and Personal Property (NSCS Board Policy 7013)
Use of Telephones, Facsimile Equipment and Copy Machines (NSCS Board Policy 7025)