Policies by Category


Acquisition of Real Property (NSCS Board Policy 8002)Revised
Board of Trustees Farmland; Endowment Fund; Use of Income (NSCS Board Policy 8075)
Capital Construction, Facility Maintenance and Repair Contracts (NSCS Board Policy 8064)Revised
Capital Construction; Budget Requests; Planning, Design, and Construction Documents (NSCS Board Policy 8060)
Capital Construction; Contracts; Design Build; Construction Management At Risk (NSCS Board Policy 8071)
Capital Construction; Gifts and Bequests for Facilities (NSCS Board Policy 8070)
Capital Construction; Inspections; Substantial Completion; Final Completion (NSCS Board Policy 8069)
College Facility Master Plans (NSCS Board Policy 8016)
Cornerstones and Plaques (NSCS Board Policy 8021)
Designated Smoking Areas - CSC Campus Policy
Eminent Domain (NSCS Board Policy 8001)
Facilities - Conditions of Use / Breakage and Damage Policy
Facilities - Dances on Campus Policy
Facilities - Signage/Decorations Policy
Facilities - Student Clubs/Organizations Policy
Facilities - Use and Reservations Policy
Facilities - Vehicles and Loading / Unloading Policy
Facilities and Information Technology Resources Utilization; Non-College Purposes, Fees and Charges (NSCS Board Policy 8025)
Facilities: Planning for Technology (NSCS Board Policy 8036)
Facilities; Access, Physical Disability (NSCS Board Policy 8032)
Facilities; Alcohol Use (NSCS Board Policy 8035)
Facilities; Energy Conservation (NSCS Board Policy 8031)
Facilities; Environment and Safety Precautions, Fire and Safety Inspection Reports (NSCS Board Policy 8033)
Facilities; Inventory (NSCS Board Policy 8015)
Facilities; Leasing or Renting Off-Campus or On-Campus Space (NSCS Board Policy 8027)
Facilities; Maintenance, Deferred Repair, Preventive Maintenance (NSCS Board Policy 8030)
Facilities; Smoking Areas (NSCS Board Policy 8034)
Family-Friends-Pets in the Workplace Policy
Naming of Buildings and Other Facilities (NSCS Board Policy 8020)
Nelson Physical Activity Center (NPAC) Policy
Professional Consulting Services Related to Capital Construction (NSCS Board Policy 8066)Revised
Real and Personal Property (NSCS Board Policy 8000)
Real Property; Demolition (NSCS Board Policy 8004)
Real Property; Disposal (NSCS Board Policy 8003)
Real Property; Easements (NSCS Board Policy 8007)
Reports to Board of Trustees (NSCS Board Policy 8050)
Security Operations (NSCS Board Policy 8040)
Tree Removal (NSCS Board Policy 8008)
Trespass; Policy and Procedure (NSCS Board Policy 8005)
Vacating Streets (NSCS Board Policy 8006)
Vehicle Regulations and Parking (NSCS Board Policy 8042)
Works of Art Related to Capital Construction (NSCS Board Policy 8067)Revised